Thursday, March 19, 2009

Underworld - Dark and Long

Another song I had forgot about, these guys were all over the place when I first started noticing music as a lad, way back in the 90's. Its strange seeing how people like you and me dressed and acted back then, I wonder if Underworld came out today would they be wearing white rimmed Wayfarers and have 'jaunty' haircuts, album covers with bits of antlers naively drawn on on beige sleeve. I'd like to think not, then again imagine having to endure the crowds of baggy jumper'd pre-Cold Feet-ites telling you they loved you and touching your face instead of the clumps of bitchy, good looking art students biting their top lip a bit and not dancing enthusiastically at all. I know what I would choose, sadly.
Still I sometimes wish bands today would dress more anonymously,
and have a dancer as part of their line up

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