Saturday, March 21, 2009

honey is cool -- Nach heart

Check out Karin Dreijer's old Band: Honey is Cool. Pretty Lo-Fi Nineties stuff, but kinda all right when it gets going. Hints of what was to come with the vocals.
Why are their no interviews with The Knife? There's one in Swedish (I think) and another with a gimmicky Jew embarrassing himself in a shower in NYC, and that's it. I would love to see how they make music in the studio. Please?


Deko said...

I want that too Rob, but it's not gonna happen. Both their PR and some of their friends said that they'd never do it. However, I did hear from a reliable source that Juri Hulkonnen helped them learn how to produce and use synths if that's any use to you

Anonymous said...

gimmicky Jew? fuck you, buddy.