Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yeasayer- 2080

As with the last three posts I'm guessing you all probably know these people already as you most likely check Nialler9 (and any other music blogs) more than I do. You probably definitely know these guys as they've had an album out since early last year (I think), toured with MGMT and played on Later With Tools Holland. Last year when I moved to London properly I was heavily into them, I was a miserable wreck of a ex-student and their African Fleetwood Mac melodies soothed my mind and gave me a hairy erection.
Sure they have their shitty draw backs, such as a singer that does embarrassing shit on stage and a bassist that dresses like a straight George O'Dowd fireman schoolgirl. But I thought (and still think) 'Yes Jesus finally, a band that can play their instruments to an above average standard that don't spend their time showing us that they can play their instruments to an above average standard, I also like (totally love) the funny rhythms and time signatures they use that could still be danced to. Recently, especially in the last decade, there has been too many bands showing off their musical abilities to the detriment of their songs and finally we get one that puts the songs above their technical bullshittery. I think that is marvellous.
I would link to a downloadable version of this song (if I actually knew how to do that) but I'm on my work computer, but seriously try find this song and another called 'sunrise' on whatever 'stealing music' website you use, they are solid, solid gold my friends. Lets hope they don't fuck it up.


robvanhalen said...

These last articles are terribly written, all backwards put together sentences and punctuation.SOZ

tugboat said...

these posts have been great

i've been totally crap at keeping up with new music recently too - it's nice to see some interesting stuff

keep it up me old china plate!

p.s. these guys are class, it's like 1990 never happened