Thursday, February 12, 2009

We're Back -- Heartbreak

I saw this pair last summer playing in the Camden Lock, I'd been drinking in the streets with two ruffians and one of them made us attend, I was very surprised when they started playing as they looked like sweaty foreign rapists.
I guess they peddle pretty Moroder-esque Italo-disco (shudder) but you really have to be there when they play, it's most fun. That geezer with his dance moves is a bag of fun. He had the sweatiest moustache I have ever seen yet never took off his very tight leather jacket the whole time.
In this video they're playing in Bethnal Green working men's club which is where I went to dance really seriously to the old disco music, its a nice place with cheap beer, pity its in one of the toilets of east London.

P.S: the band in the last post are called 'the invisible' not 'the invisible's' as I incorrectly stated. Fucking whoops


tugboat said...

only in london!

Anonymous said...

omg, u have to check out the track 'Akin To Dancing' by Heartbreak!! it's massive, especially the remix by The Horrors..

m. @