Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I looked in a science book the other day and it casually told me that you cant actually destroy energy! Who knew that? So then, why is Boris Johnson Spending loads of money trying to stop knife crime in London's fair boroughs when as an energy of sorts it cant actually be destroyed, if only we could funnel it towards these sweet little guys on a Friday night in Liverpool Street. You just know the people that organised it were probably the one's that started the 'I bet I can Find 10,000 people who hate Mondays' groups on Facebook.
I had to walk through thousands of teenagers with Offspring hoodies on Friday night, down the road I seen hundreds of the grimiest black youths on their way there too, sadly the cops shut the place down and the obvious cull of twats at the hands of south London's finest never happened.
Silly Billy's

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