Thursday, February 05, 2009

I've been partying a lot these day's y'alls

In kinda odd places, hence the lack of posts. I went to the Royal College of Arts first year show last night, it wasn't amazing but it wasn't terrible neither (pronounced: 'neevah' ). At the weekend I went to Bethnal green working men's club where they played the oldest disco I've ever heard, I was very drunk and took my dance moves very serious. Last week I went out to the poshest clubs I have been in and partied with Lady Ga Ga and Mark Ronson (well they were there, y'know) I managed to acquire some friends along the way, one guy who was an almost perfect doppelganger of Prince (sideways afro, stubble moustache, black), and a boy with a dead ladies head tattooed on his neck who looked exactly like Pete Doherty and was called...wait for it......Pete. I slept at my office that night. Also last week I discovered I don't totally hate real ale, just kinda hate it. I discovered this whilst drinking with some very rich and posh Lawyers who later that week I think lost their jobs. Bummer dude's.
Yeah that was the big thing last week everyone in London lost a bit of their job. The massive snow storm that engulfed London was great, people talked to each other in the street and had snowball fights. Everyone still complained about it and rang into radio stations, Londoners could wake up shitting gold bars and they would still call their doctor complaining their haemorrhoid cream wasn't working. The whole city came to a standstill and I think secretly everybody enjoyed it.
Anyway that may seem like a big long list of 'hey look at all the cool shit I get up to in London' but I like to think of it as a 'hey look at all the cool shit I get up to in London, come visit me, we can do it together'. And also I haven't listened to any music that was made after 1998 in the last year so what else am I going to blog about


deklin said...

haha class
man you're livin it.
I'm coming to get you.
theres loads coming up that I need to hit but I can't afford it – Trentemøller in Matter on Saturday being a great example.
I've been trying to get in touch with Lady GaGa all week so I need to go with you next time you two hook up, capiche? xx

tuggedboat said...

i just don't think i "get" gwar

robvanhalen said...

They are awful. I combined them with my post as somewhere along the way whilst I've been boozing I realised that things dont really mean anything anyway so why bother with obeying semiotics, just mash some old shit together and let it roam free and eat the fruit from the trees etc

robvanhalen said...

Done and done Deckline