Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shabazz The Disciple - Crime Saga

I cant get enough of 90's gangster east coast Hip-Hop

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Wow they have more than one good song and more than one uplifting video!
My posts are pretty foggoty at the minute. More metal soon, maybe. Sucks for you

The Sea and Cake - Crossing Line

Hurry up spring, get a move on summer


I looked in a science book the other day and it casually told me that you cant actually destroy energy! Who knew that? So then, why is Boris Johnson Spending loads of money trying to stop knife crime in London's fair boroughs when as an energy of sorts it cant actually be destroyed, if only we could funnel it towards these sweet little guys on a Friday night in Liverpool Street. You just know the people that organised it were probably the one's that started the 'I bet I can Find 10,000 people who hate Mondays' groups on Facebook.
I had to walk through thousands of teenagers with Offspring hoodies on Friday night, down the road I seen hundreds of the grimiest black youths on their way there too, sadly the cops shut the place down and the obvious cull of twats at the hands of south London's finest never happened.
Silly Billy's

JAPE 'Graveyard' : Live from the grave

Y'all probably hate this guy for being the great white hope of Ireland, I bet you get him rammed down your throats like you did The Frames when you were teenagers. I like him, and I like this song especially, and I like people seeing the lighter side of Black Metal. It reminds me that Dublin isn't full of pople called Finton who wear purple cords and hang out with people with dreadlocks called Fergus pontificating about about the Doors. Whenever I want to miss home I whack this on in the old office, close the door and google image Letterkenny. Hahahahahaha, so obviously I haven't watched this in a long long time.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Essential Viewing

VBS documentary about the baffling "donk" movement
put a Donk on it

Jefferson Airplane - Today

Soon I'm going to be fired for posting on Thoughts too much



This is the shit I've been trying to get into yall's brain's about fighting, listen up!

Gee Vaucher Interview

Wow dude's, this is an interview with the artist Gee Vaucher, famous for the doing the Crass record covers in the 1980's. As I've pointed out before Crass were a big thing for me when I was a lad after some lonely punk cashed in their back catalogue at Universal Records. In retrospect it was probably the covers that did it for me as the you could barely hear the songs on the fucked up vinyl.
Her stuff is pretty sick, pre Photoshop mashed up realism/dystopia painted collage-ness. My favourite is the the cover of 'Feeding of the 5000' , some fella carrying a Crass flag through a ploughed field, forever I thought it was a photograph. Whoopsie.
Anyway its nice for a minute to reminisce about the silly stuff I used to listen to and plus she seems like a nice lady, who's pretty collected now I think. The guy interviewing her is Gavin McInnes, one of the three founders of Vice and writer of the Do's and Don'ts, until he left last year to do this thing 'TV Carnage' with that twat Derrick Biggles or whatever his name is. I read that they are stopping the Do's and Don'ts soon, so I can stop worrying about my gear crisis'

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Casiokids: Fot i Hose

I know this has been getting a big response on the blogs and even the Radio but I gotta post it up here because its the most addictive tune I've heard in a while. What a class idea to use that synth sound. Hard not to steal it

Monday, February 16, 2009

Im your puppet

Introducing new limb to the Shindig-verse. A blog to chronicle my ever expanding adventures in Motion Graphics.
Comments welcome

New Edition - Something About You

I like this song, and I'm ok with that.

Ratatat- Germany to Germany (official video)

Again these guys have been around for a good while now but I would strongly urge you to check out the Hip Hop mixtape they did if you didn't check it when it came out. Their remix of 'Run' by Ghostface is sick, aswell as the Missy Elliot number. One of them was a hired gun for Dashboard confessional apparently, but we'll forget about that for the minute

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yeasayer- 2080

As with the last three posts I'm guessing you all probably know these people already as you most likely check Nialler9 (and any other music blogs) more than I do. You probably definitely know these guys as they've had an album out since early last year (I think), toured with MGMT and played on Later With Tools Holland. Last year when I moved to London properly I was heavily into them, I was a miserable wreck of a ex-student and their African Fleetwood Mac melodies soothed my mind and gave me a hairy erection.
Sure they have their shitty draw backs, such as a singer that does embarrassing shit on stage and a bassist that dresses like a straight George O'Dowd fireman schoolgirl. But I thought (and still think) 'Yes Jesus finally, a band that can play their instruments to an above average standard that don't spend their time showing us that they can play their instruments to an above average standard, I also like (totally love) the funny rhythms and time signatures they use that could still be danced to. Recently, especially in the last decade, there has been too many bands showing off their musical abilities to the detriment of their songs and finally we get one that puts the songs above their technical bullshittery. I think that is marvellous.
I would link to a downloadable version of this song (if I actually knew how to do that) but I'm on my work computer, but seriously try find this song and another called 'sunrise' on whatever 'stealing music' website you use, they are solid, solid gold my friends. Lets hope they don't fuck it up.

We're Back -- Heartbreak

I saw this pair last summer playing in the Camden Lock, I'd been drinking in the streets with two ruffians and one of them made us attend, I was very surprised when they started playing as they looked like sweaty foreign rapists.
I guess they peddle pretty Moroder-esque Italo-disco (shudder) but you really have to be there when they play, it's most fun. That geezer with his dance moves is a bag of fun. He had the sweatiest moustache I have ever seen yet never took off his very tight leather jacket the whole time.
In this video they're playing in Bethnal Green working men's club which is where I went to dance really seriously to the old disco music, its a nice place with cheap beer, pity its in one of the toilets of east London.

P.S: the band in the last post are called 'the invisible' not 'the invisible's' as I incorrectly stated. Fucking whoops

The invisible's 'London Girl'

This is a nuvver' band I've been feeling a lot recently, I think it was the ever great Giles Peterson playing them last year that pricked up my ears. Its fitting that I've recently been seriously getting into the funk guitar vibe. I'm sure yall's could draw TV on the Radio comparisons, but frankly that means you're totally a disgusting racist pig, yeah!
The closing shots are of shoredich where I regulary ponce about, so thats nice I guess, isnt it.


Appaloosa -The Day (We Fell In Love)

Since I dont really post any music on Thoughts made this decade I've been keeping an ear out in the last few weeks for new music and visiting the boring music blogs, Yaaaaawn. A few things have come to my attention.
This here is Appaloosa, yall's probably know them by now but this song really cought my attention for being so nice that I didn't even try figure out why my ears liked it. The other nice part is that Patrick O'Dell made the video and he's one of my favorite photographers. In fact there might be a wee post about him coming up soon.

Friday, February 06, 2009


Dano got me on a hip hop vibe this morning with his last post. This is one of my all time best tunes to listen to at work when I'm entering data about peoples back problem's on Arista, it makes me forget that I'm in an office next to a room where a plesant fat lady is teaching people how to use their blackberry's and makes me think I'm in Bed Stuy smashing back those '40oz' beer things. So yeah..........Murda!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Hip-Hop roundup

I don't listen to as much Hip-Hop as I used to and that depresses me somewhat, so, Im gonna make a conscious effort to
rectify that this year.

People under the stairs-California
From Fun DMC

Sole-A sad day for investors (astronautalis remix)
From Sole and the skyrider band remixed

Sage Francis-Conspiracy to riot
From Strange Famous Records 2009

A beat that didn't make the cut for Strictly for my coves that I just found on my computer.
Flux (demo)-DJ Dano



this is really great – bangin as heck with spacey tones – listen to it while slammin cans

I've been partying a lot these day's y'alls

In kinda odd places, hence the lack of posts. I went to the Royal College of Arts first year show last night, it wasn't amazing but it wasn't terrible neither (pronounced: 'neevah' ). At the weekend I went to Bethnal green working men's club where they played the oldest disco I've ever heard, I was very drunk and took my dance moves very serious. Last week I went out to the poshest clubs I have been in and partied with Lady Ga Ga and Mark Ronson (well they were there, y'know) I managed to acquire some friends along the way, one guy who was an almost perfect doppelganger of Prince (sideways afro, stubble moustache, black), and a boy with a dead ladies head tattooed on his neck who looked exactly like Pete Doherty and was called...wait for it......Pete. I slept at my office that night. Also last week I discovered I don't totally hate real ale, just kinda hate it. I discovered this whilst drinking with some very rich and posh Lawyers who later that week I think lost their jobs. Bummer dude's.
Yeah that was the big thing last week everyone in London lost a bit of their job. The massive snow storm that engulfed London was great, people talked to each other in the street and had snowball fights. Everyone still complained about it and rang into radio stations, Londoners could wake up shitting gold bars and they would still call their doctor complaining their haemorrhoid cream wasn't working. The whole city came to a standstill and I think secretly everybody enjoyed it.
Anyway that may seem like a big long list of 'hey look at all the cool shit I get up to in London' but I like to think of it as a 'hey look at all the cool shit I get up to in London, come visit me, we can do it together'. And also I haven't listened to any music that was made after 1998 in the last year so what else am I going to blog about

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

new mix for Brighton

Soft Cell – So (12")
Panthers – Goblin City (Holy Ghost Remix)
Curses! ft Nancy Whang & The Juan Maclean – The Deep End
Lifelike – High On
Friendly Fires – Paris (Aeroplane Remix)

here, innit