Monday, January 05, 2009

Whats the difference between Jesus and David Holmes...?

David Holmes has a bit of a reputation of being a complete cunt. (judging by his DJ sets, these reports are entirely accurate)
Despite this though, ive still managed to enjoy a fair amount of his production work (despite again the entirety of This films crap lets slash the seats, which should more accurately be titled This albums shite, lets slash Holmes and of course his pish week movie soundtracks).
That Free association record has a few moments, Bow down to the exit sign has a smattering of decent/alrightish tracks and Lets get killed is great.

His latest The Holy Pictures drops the guests leaving Holmes to try his best Bobby Gillespie impression over a series of krautrock-aping My Bloody Valentine sound alikes.
The result is an album that plays like Holmes name-dropping his influences rather than bringing something new, but its the Diet-Eno stylings of the instrumentals towards the latter half of the disc that warrant a listen.

The Ballad of Sarah and Jack-David Holmes


robvanhalen said...

the standard of blogging has been stepped up a fair auld bit in the last two posts boyo's. fuck!

robvanhalen said...

gosh etc....