Thursday, January 01, 2009

Part Chimp - New Cross

I live in New Cross South London, its famous for Goldsmiths art school and being near the Millwall stadium the New Den. The Goldsmiths part of the equation means people wear their sunglasses at night and come up with abbreviations for MDMA during the day, it also makes you realise how skinny white art students are when they're standing at the bus stop next to grown up child soldiers from Sierra Leone. There are a few acceptable drinking establishments such as the Montague arms and the Amersham, and my personal Favorite The Marquis of Granby an actual genuine irish pub, none of your bits of fucking pots and cups hanging off the roof nonsense, just a load of pogues on the jukebox, a calender on the wall from Inishowen and a load of moody locals that still hate the British.
The Millwall part of the soup means that when they play Leeds or any of the other London clubs at home its hard to get home from London Bridge without walking through loads of skinheaded men pissing everywhere. Also when big matches happen a helicopter hovers over the stadium for hours and does my nut in. Its funny, you dont see that many Millwall fans about New Cross and Bermondsey these days, probably because their old haunt the Old Kent road is the most blackest area in all of london and full of gangsters* itching to give someone the dirty dagger.
Well, anyway, just thought I would fill you in on where I live, seeing as you haven't bothered visiting, how fucking dare you. Liberty!

*Not that these two things are related or anything, alright....Jesus


acidkick said...

seen part chimp a few years back in belfast.

loud stuff.

robvanhalen said...

totes jeal's