Thursday, January 08, 2009

europe in a city

if someone asked me: here, I've never been to Europe, but all I've got and ever will have is this €50 note a drunk old man gave me for picking up his hat for him (I thought it was too much too) and I want to spend it on living my dream and seeing Europe for the first and only time (did I mention I'm dying?), where will I go?

I would say: To Barcelona with you, you dying bastard.
For I've found, over the past 24 hours, that Barca is like all of Europe in one city.

> It's got Gothic architecture mixed with Gaudí modernist design (often parallel or even cosying up side by side)
> It's part regimented-block-based layout, part-urban sprawl is reminiscent of both Paris and London and plenty of other Euro-cities
> It's history as a landmark of distaste between those Cats and Spans (which I know nothing about – but it seems pretty serious) represents a host of civil aggression across our fine continent
> It's got as many major 8-lane roads running through it's centre as it does single-file side-streets with hidden gems
> I reckon you could speak any Euro language to anyone who lives here and they'd be able to speak back (however – I haven't tried this)
> It has the classic no-limit nightlife us Eire and UK inhabitants envy, and to juxtapose, a mutual respect exists between the party-goers and the boutique cafés and restaurants who's tables spill on to the streets until the oui hours.
> Oh and there's no smoking ban

That's just a few reasons I've come across on my so-far short stay, all entirely based around a quick stroll and a read of a tourist pamphlet. true story.

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robvanhalen said...

Haaaaaa I thoroughly enjoyed this, my heart is heavy to return to the place.....sigh