Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We wanna be free! To, y'know, RUN... all over the place

Via kottke.org, a clip from the '30s of a chap eating some spaghetti before launching into an early incarnation of free-running/parkour, making use of a large tyre and a moving train, jumping off bridges and through windows, and generally showing little or no regard for his own safety. This is hilarious.

The clip in turn comes from a 1977 movie called Gizmo! which chronicles bizarre inventions, and is available in its entirety on Google Video.


Messy Angelo said...

haha! leapin over his mammy like he hasn't got a care in the world!

robvanhalen said...

HA HA HAH that is amazing, I want the song playing in the background! Now!

this warms my cockles

tugboat said...

the bit where he goes in the door and then jumps out through the window gets me every time :)

Anonymous said...

Jesus. Modern parkour isn't that impressive is it?