Friday, December 12, 2008

Thrash for light

i enjoy doing my job, its pretty easy and satisfying. I work for a law firm in the square mile London town, I do a veriety of jobs, mostly maintenance, fixing stuff, and health and safety nonsense. The lawyers are pretty ok people suprisingly and lets just say most of them don't eat shellfish, so the funny hat quota is high.
Anyway I digress, the reason for this post is that I have pretty much been wearing Vans Era's since day one and no one as batted an eyelid, sure its been pointed out that my trainers have holes in them and are fallin apart at the seams but despite our strict uniform policy everyone from the top down seems to have turned a blind eye to my casual persuasion. This in turn makes me feel much like John Joseph probably feels in the last few frames of the video up above.

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