Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sick in my book

Here's more Keith Haring related matter, these shoes came out a few years ago as part of the Adicolor thing Adidas did, I'm not that big into my trainer culture but a lot of them were 'proppa fresh mate'. But what was even better than the trainers in my wee opinion was the little films that came with them on Youtube and the Adidas website. For so long I was obsessed with watching them, the are beautifully shot and feature a hefty chunk of people i highly regard doing stuff today. I really like this one not just because of my fascination with the dead gay man Keith Haring but also I really like some of the work of living gay man Jeremy Scott (I think this is the first time I've liked a fashion designer), his prints are amazing and his clothes all look like sweets. And that is Sick in my book.

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tugboat said...

i loved me my adicolors when i had them

i think the colours eventually got jammed in the sides and then i traipsed them through the muck at electric picnic, and that was the end of that shoe chapter