Saturday, December 27, 2008

'I really like it but could you change the designs and the colour?'

Alright, here is the Graphic Artist Parra, another one of the handful of artists I actually fully like. Home's is from the Netherlands, he used to be a pro skater for Think! skateboards i think and blah blah, i wont give you a biography of the man, you can find out about him better in the interview he did with (which I read every time I feel uninspired or low on creativity).
I remember the first time I seen Parra's work on the Big Active's website when I was in first year, Big Active are a small but pretty important design agency in London who's graphic artists have done loads of great work you probably have printed on something in your room right now, anyway when I seen his stuff i hated it straight away, it was too far away from what I would have been into at the time (shitty nonsense probably), then a while ago I came across him again and straight away became totally fascinated by him and his art.
He does things completely different to me, draws quick, uses Illustrator and pumps it out at an incredible rate as well. He also has a great way of putting his images on the page and his colours make me think for hours 'why cant I have signature colours like that Dutch fucker'. I admire his approach to work, he gets up at midday, sometimes he cant even be bothered to go to his studio, busts it out till late and still manages to have his own clothing label and band's.
I would hate him if I couldn't stop looking at his work.
Is anyone up for moving to The Benelux, everything there is cooler than us.

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