Sunday, December 14, 2008


Graffiti is an odd one, I'm unsure how I really feel about it, there's not that much in London compared to other cities, y'know except the odd "rip peel dem crew' and Tox tag. Documentaries about graffiti on the other hand are almost always horribly terrible, usually set to a wickety-wah bollocks soundtrack and full of agressive no talents that talk embarrassing. This is the exception, all the people involved are pretty relevant, interesting, 'famous' and also pretty different. Earsnot; the massive black gay thug with gold grills is my favorite, Bruce LaBruce wrote this article about his crew (friends who like to write on things too) IRAK a while back. Toomer is pretty funny and I seen him in a porno movie recently painting naked ladies. Woop. I put up part nine (of ten) because its pretty gut wrenching, their stories are gripping and incredible to hear (how many of your friends have been to prison, been shot etc...) so I really recommend you watch them all. Preferably at work. Whilst you should be doing something important. Like I did.


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