Friday, December 26, 2008

I still love you Lindsay

While I was listening to Lyric FM's Electrolyte thing that Thuggers posted, the boyo presenting was bangin' on about Fairlight synthesizers, which diverted me to watch some stuff on YouTube about them, and while I was watching Lindsay Buckinghams name came up as an early adopter of their synthesizers. I caught the Mick Fleetwood story on the Biography channel the night before flying back home for Christmas (what a huge Coke animal btw!) so I was feeling the Fleetwood steez a bit and watched a load of old videos of Lindsay and Fleetwood smashing out the HITS. I remembered that the first song by that band that I fell head over heel's with was 'Big Love' (the acustic version). I was majorly into it around the time I was in first year at university, which happened to co-inside with me being head over heels with a Goil', when said 'thing' came to its logical conclusion around a year later, Big Love reminded me too much of that stupid time so I kinda never listened to it any more. Then a couple of months ago I was drinking in famous New Cross boozer The Amersham Arms (Take Courage) when the DJ who looked like a bloody model played this original version to the empty room. Its twice as fucking good as the stupid broken heart one, why did I ever prefer it to this!

Moral of the story; dont trust boys who drool on themselves.


tugboat said...

i really know fuck all about fleetwood mac, apart from early stuff fionn always played in belfast (jigsaw puzzle blues, need your love so bad, etc.) and now this

so clearly they've covered quite a bit of ground

robvanhalen said...

I think I must have had Tusk and Rumours on repeat in womb, i seem to be pre programmed to like their stuff.

are you boys out tonight?

robvanhalen said...

they were actually two bands basically, peter green as the main song writer before he left to not not recover from a massive acid binge in Germany. then they

.aidan said...

I love them actually.