Friday, December 19, 2008

Glossy pull out web supplement

Nice to see Thoughts scaling to the heights of it's former self. Great work from everyone involved.

Now, to the music.

This isn't the first time Buddy Peace has gotten love from Thoughts, Etc. as Tuggy mentioned his sublime Warp retrospective yonks ago and I think his Buck 65 mish-mash got a look in here too. (I would search but I couldn't be arsed).
Anyway, he's just dropped his latest long playing mix Wolf Diesel Mountain, which once again displays Buddy's ear for taking a couple great songs and reconfiguring them into some nice combinations.
The selection I'm upping didn't really sit right with me at first, but with all the great mixes I just cant get enuff of it now.
(that's right Diarmo, I removed your admin privileges. This is a fun blog, not an eats, shoots and leaves love-in.)
Portion 14 from Wolf Diesel Mountain-Buddy Peace


Messy Angelo said...

neat spelling and punctuation, dano. A1 post.

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tugboat said...

i really like buddy peace's style