Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fish 'n' Chiptunes

The video above is a trailer for the recent film "Blip Festival: Reformat The Planet", a documentary concerning the past and present of the musical movement of chiptunes. Viewpoints on chiptunes differ pretty wildly. I myself am fully in favour of this stuff, having spent hours upon hours as a child in front of the PC, commodore and SNES absorbing oceans of 8-bit square soundwaves into my pliant young brain. Other people would consider chiptune artists to be gimmicky hucksters, out to make a name for themselves off a musical fad. I'll leave it to wiser heads to decide whether it's a genuine movement creating artistic meaning within rigid self-imposed limitations, a search for a connection with the artists' youths or a passing trend feeding off the popularity of retro gaming. Maybe it's something from all three.

Speaking of that number, here's 3 tunes by prominent artists of the scene.

nullsleep - Galaxy Tonite

Adventure - Travel Kid

Mesu Kasumai - Rampart Fury

Further listening: free downloads and general chiptunery at 8-bit peoples, the finest netlabel for this sort of malarkey.

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