Tuesday, December 16, 2008

First Council of Nicea in 325 probably didn't forsee this ...

New Pavement release! I won't wax lyrical because obsessive fans sicken me and, while I am one, I like to try and keep my droolings to a minimum. I'll just stick with the bare facts: their new joint, Brighten the Corners: Nicene Creeders Edition was released a week a ago and just popped in my letterbox today from the good folks at Amazon.co.uk. I spent the morning and early afternoon mining it for nuggets of Pavement related joy, and it's been a rewarding excercise. The liner notes are an article by the name of the Pavement Tapes, published by the New Yorker circa 1997, not the most compelling article in the world but worth a read on the shitter at least. The material on the actual CDs is a marked improvement from the Wowee Zowee offerings, Peel Session, KCRW session, top notch B-Sides, it's got the lot ...

Here's a few gems:

Westie Can Drum
Haven't heard this since my tape player crapped out on me 6 years ago. "Westieeeee he cannot drum!"

Space Ghost Theme #2
The three minute extended version of the outro played by Pavement for Space Ghost Coast to Coast season 3 episode "Pavement"(minus George Lowe's Space Ghost interjections).

The Classical (Peel Session)
Mark E Smith quite vocally hates being associated with Pavement (one of his quotes is "They haven't got a fuckin original idea in their heads") but they don't seem to mind being associated with him. Hence the cover of the Classical. The Fall probably got more CDs sold off the back of Pavement than vice versa, but you could argue the toss on that one til the cows came home and all you would get is tired.

Also, quick snapshot of what the guys are at now:

1 - Stephen Malkmus continues to record solo albums, raise kids and downplay any talk of a Pavement reunion. (Also he tells me what year it is when I tell him to play a hit).

2 - Scott Kannberg is presumably still working on material for Preston School of industry.

3 - Bob Nastanovich is a funny wee man. He's tour managing for the Silver Jews and Stephen Malkmus, and is currently employed as a chart caller for Equibase, America's official Horse Racing database. His horse racing blog, Lonely on the Rail, is now sadly defunct. The guy loves to gamble and wheel and deal. Him and Terry Venables could be best chums.

4 - Mark Ibold (pictured above) recently toured with Sonic Youth and is a fulltime bartender at "Great Jones Cafe" in New York City.

5 - Steve West, taking the advice of the song above, realised he can't drum and now sings for a band called Marble Valley (I haven't heard any of their stuff but I'm making it my mission to find something by them).

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tugboat said...

pavement have been out of my life for too long! thanks for these diarmo