Friday, December 19, 2008


Here's a dish I've been making a lot recently

5 bottles of budweiser

4 pints of guinness



The I.T department


8 more pints of Guinness (drop one outside the pub)




And a dash more Guinness

Throw half the ingredients in your stupid stomach, walk it all down to the pub. Laugh at it. Lie to yourself for half an hour. ADD A CUNT. Spill the rest half way down your face. Be annoyingly honest. Throw it all on a train adding bitterness and dickheadedness along the way (as needed). Sprinkle the fondue you created in a sink or toilet and leave there for your housemates to happen upon. I made one last night, it were great.

Fuck off


Messy Angelo said...

Holy crap. that's a hell of a read. wasn't expectin to read that first thing when I came in to work today ...

robvanhalen said...

I'm suprised I can still spell

Messy Angelo said...

not that i'm glad you suffered, but i'm glad you managed to turn it into such a class post.

robvanhalen said...

Thank you x

kickacid said...


Editor said...

boys, that is our finest moment

Messy Angelo said...

hey editor, i'm quite excited to see how the daily donnie is gonna progress ... any publishin dates set in stone or is it all TBA as yet?

Shane said...

Man, this was so class.

I bet you drank SO much, right? Like seriously, that's legendary stuff.

Anonymous said...

Can I delete that comment?

robvanhalen said...

Hahahaa Shane. Bet you wrote that out about four times before hitting the post button.


Shane said...


i'm so conflicted about this.

kill yourself, though.