Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'nt life grand

Now i don't listen to heavy music that much any more, it tends to get on my nerves for various long winded reasons. I also try not listen to too much instrumental guitar music as it makes my mind wonder into areas it shouldn't. But. today I powered down to Fopp in Covent bloody Garden and purchased the nonsense out of Earth's album 'Pentastar; in the style of demons' which is pretty much both those fucking things in one (theres a wee bit of singing on one of the tracks). I could wax on about all the heroin, suicide, Sunn amps, shotguns, picture framing, new albums, Kurt and Courtney movie bollocks but you fools have wikipedia and Google. Pretty much this album sounds like a massive bass is being played by big planks of wood whilst it rains a bit in a forest. Its real sick and it came out in 1996 for fuck sake.
The video is pretty good too, bad ass whips, longhairs buying guns and picking up hitchhiking jail bait. I'm putting these three things (and this album) in the diary for over Christmas in Donegal. Come along why don't ya. I'll get my brother to drink drive.

Good to be back.

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