Saturday, December 13, 2008


Its that time of year again when people feel compelled to rattle off list's of music that they enjoyed that year and
I cant remember half the shit I listened to this year so Ill spare you mine.

An album I did enjoy however is The Camels Back by the wonderfull Psapp.
Usually Im weary of this kind of thing (lady singing of wacky things, wacky plucky strings,wacky percussion, lesbian music), but Psapp seem to thread that line of getting it just right.
Any way, Ive banged on before about their great cut for that David Shrigley record so have a track from their latest and another from their finest long playing record The only thing I ever wanted.

Part like waves
from The Camels Back

from The only thing I ever wanted

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Messy Angelo said...

psapp are proper good, the only thing i ever wanted is diamond.

hot new track too.