Friday, December 19, 2008

B.J. Nilsen - Viking North
from (2007) The Short Night (Touch)


kickaciiiiieeeeed said...

fuck, this shits great.
like listening to a big pane of glass.

Messy Angelo said...


welcome aboard, i'll be samplin this later when i get to a more download-friendly environment than my workplace.

Editor said...

I've been aboard for years, I just lost my old e-mail address.

Also, I figured that you'd like this Daniel.

Messy Angelo said...

oh right, cos it said your other blog was the daily donnie i assumed you were the man himself, donnie.

KickAcid said...

plus, he's got B.J in his name

tugboat said...

"like listening to a big pane of glass"

haha - oddly accurate!

this is quality