Friday, December 26, 2008

As clean as he's been?

Look here, after watching that documentary about Mick I'm inclined to think this was around the time he got clean, apparently he couldn't talk a lot of the time when he partied, because his jaw would lock shut from all the bugle in his big nose. I'm also inclined to think that when rock stars stop doing all the drugs, shooting hookers, marrying underage girls and having cocaine blown up their ass (Stevie Nicks apparently) they have this period where they're all 'new born' and dont have a fucking clue about whats going on in the world and say yes to stupid shit like advertisements for stupid stuff like Japanese pampers or going on stage with long white cordless mic's or even worse join Scientology or some other tragic nonsense.
Mick strikes me as being in one of these moods right up there in that video. Who in their right mind would say yes to some Jerrycurl'd Texan who wants to help you make an album by playing your waistcoat!? Well in this case maybe Mick landed of his long feet as I would probably love one of these things.
Lets hope that eccentric Jew Amy Winehouse lands on her blood encrusted toes with some balding Essex man who wants to help her use her baps as a flute which then ends up kind of being cool and used on a future Knife album. Or something.

Dont bother watching the end of the video btw, it turns into 80's epic tomfoolery

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