Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Turlough is ainm dom...... or whatever

Sorry but I'm going to have to say it, the irish language sucks a fat one. Whats up with people changing their names to the fucking Irish version? Sorry Fergus agus Oisin your names were silly enough without spelling them wrong in a defunct language.


Neue Jahr

Animal Collective -Summertime Clothes

Happy new year to everyone.

(Not too keen on the visuals here. Maybe blind yourself or switch to another tab, or something. The sur-titles are just for you Daniel ;))

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Part 3: Mugwumpbawumba

Thankfully the megapost comes to its end now, with the very track  which brought me here many hours ago, a cheerful house belter by the hilariously exotically named Mugwump.   

Happy new years everybody.

Mugwump - Ignored Folklore

Part 2: Keeping it lo-cal

I'll be ashamed if our records contradict me but I don't think we've acknowledged Donnacha Costello here. Masterful Irish ambient-techno taken here from the "Colorseries".

Last week Conor posted another hit from Spain's Alex Under which reminded me to check in here again with probably my favourite techno-ician, Alex Smoke. Last year's Vaporub ep saw the bangingest Weedgie take some small steps outside his comfort zone yet remain as on target as ever, as evidencent here by its b-side.

Donnacha Costello - Mustard B

Alex Smoke - Clapface

Part 1: sm00th m0ves

I started off intending to post a single track but my boredom has spiralled out of control to the point where its necessary to split this into segments, the first of which is dedicated to the slick sounds of two of the nicest tracks this year. Many of you will be more than familiar with the first but at the least it'll be nice to see 2008's biggest and most welcome earworm staring back at me when I check in here.

Matias Aguayo - Minimal (DJ Koze Maxi Version)

Osborne - 16th Stage

Monday, December 29, 2008

Class night last night

I enjoyed my first step into the world of karaoke last night boys.
Why was Gloves constantly asking if everyone wanted a pint of Smithwick's?


Sunday, December 28, 2008

That thing with the caber ...

... it's tough when you're drunk.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

'I really like it but could you change the designs and the colour?'

Alright, here is the Graphic Artist Parra, another one of the handful of artists I actually fully like. Home's is from the Netherlands, he used to be a pro skater for Think! skateboards i think and blah blah, i wont give you a biography of the man, you can find out about him better in the interview he did with (which I read every time I feel uninspired or low on creativity).
I remember the first time I seen Parra's work on the Big Active's website when I was in first year, Big Active are a small but pretty important design agency in London who's graphic artists have done loads of great work you probably have printed on something in your room right now, anyway when I seen his stuff i hated it straight away, it was too far away from what I would have been into at the time (shitty nonsense probably), then a while ago I came across him again and straight away became totally fascinated by him and his art.
He does things completely different to me, draws quick, uses Illustrator and pumps it out at an incredible rate as well. He also has a great way of putting his images on the page and his colours make me think for hours 'why cant I have signature colours like that Dutch fucker'. I admire his approach to work, he gets up at midday, sometimes he cant even be bothered to go to his studio, busts it out till late and still manages to have his own clothing label and band's.
I would hate him if I couldn't stop looking at his work.
Is anyone up for moving to The Benelux, everything there is cooler than us.

Jean Pierre La Douche

This could be my video of the year right here (it probably didn't even come out this year)its called 'Breakfast' by Belgian band LE le. They seem to be quite the outfit, Piet Parra (more about this lad in my next post) from the band did the illustration and I think one of the other guys Sandder animated it together, the lyrics are pure great, how come foreigners are better with the English language these days? Anyway inspirational work here by our waffle loving friends

Friday, December 26, 2008

Bouncer Killer

God, now I'm not the funny polis' biggest fan but is there anything in the world worse than bouncers? They're grown up fat kid, rapists who want to ruin your night out at all costs, then brag about it to quivering bar staff later. And the girls who flirt with them are pond scum. So over christmas, if you must drink and drive, give a bouncer a lift home why dont'cha.

To harsh?

Ok so maybe there are a few alright ones here and there.

As clean as he's been?

Look here, after watching that documentary about Mick I'm inclined to think this was around the time he got clean, apparently he couldn't talk a lot of the time when he partied, because his jaw would lock shut from all the bugle in his big nose. I'm also inclined to think that when rock stars stop doing all the drugs, shooting hookers, marrying underage girls and having cocaine blown up their ass (Stevie Nicks apparently) they have this period where they're all 'new born' and dont have a fucking clue about whats going on in the world and say yes to stupid shit like advertisements for stupid stuff like Japanese pampers or going on stage with long white cordless mic's or even worse join Scientology or some other tragic nonsense.
Mick strikes me as being in one of these moods right up there in that video. Who in their right mind would say yes to some Jerrycurl'd Texan who wants to help you make an album by playing your waistcoat!? Well in this case maybe Mick landed of his long feet as I would probably love one of these things.
Lets hope that eccentric Jew Amy Winehouse lands on her blood encrusted toes with some balding Essex man who wants to help her use her baps as a flute which then ends up kind of being cool and used on a future Knife album. Or something.

Dont bother watching the end of the video btw, it turns into 80's epic tomfoolery

I still love you Lindsay

While I was listening to Lyric FM's Electrolyte thing that Thuggers posted, the boyo presenting was bangin' on about Fairlight synthesizers, which diverted me to watch some stuff on YouTube about them, and while I was watching Lindsay Buckinghams name came up as an early adopter of their synthesizers. I caught the Mick Fleetwood story on the Biography channel the night before flying back home for Christmas (what a huge Coke animal btw!) so I was feeling the Fleetwood steez a bit and watched a load of old videos of Lindsay and Fleetwood smashing out the HITS. I remembered that the first song by that band that I fell head over heel's with was 'Big Love' (the acustic version). I was majorly into it around the time I was in first year at university, which happened to co-inside with me being head over heels with a Goil', when said 'thing' came to its logical conclusion around a year later, Big Love reminded me too much of that stupid time so I kinda never listened to it any more. Then a couple of months ago I was drinking in famous New Cross boozer The Amersham Arms (Take Courage) when the DJ who looked like a bloody model played this original version to the empty room. Its twice as fucking good as the stupid broken heart one, why did I ever prefer it to this!

Moral of the story; dont trust boys who drool on themselves.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Blowing air up my ass

Is it just me or is jumping out of a plane with a man strapped to your back fanny pretty closeted?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Flatlinerz - Satanic Verses

How on earth could I not share this with you poofs on christmas eve 2008 huh?
New years promise* to my self; no more alternitive/white/jewish/odball rap

*I was unsure how to spell resalution.


My Dad just wrote 'FUCK' on our driveway with a pressure hose. How do you feel about that?

Crack rock city

I act this way when I drink aswell. Can I make an album?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Art of TPing or How to Gift Wrap a House

To further warm my nostalgic cockels I've been watching this. In't it nice watching stuff shot on old super eight film.

Funny though, most or the people in the East End of London dress almost exactly like these bro's did in the seventies

Monday, December 22, 2008


Apparently I'm loving the cholo gangster style at the minute. Any sort of ninties hip hop really. I'll warn you i will be buttoning my shirt to the top untucked and will have New Era cap when you see me next, I'll probably call you home'z a bit. Panic not!

M P Friel's

Further to Deglin's post about the internet back in the day, I got me grubby mits on the interweb early-ish on aswell and while I never even came close to understanding what HTML was I did pretty much get everthing I could of dreamed of as a young turk staring at my dads computer screen after school. Basically, light Porn (I cant remember where I went for that), pictures of mutilated bodys ( and loads of angry music (Napster). Round that time I would drink a heap of Diet Coke (which, if you drink enough does actually make you shit yourself) download a load of old punk rock and draw imaginary album covers insted of doing any homework, ever. This in turn lead to me failing pretty much all my exams and not actually getting a leaving certificate [I think]), nevermind though, just before doing my exams someone told me I couldnt wipe my arse these days without any qualifications, but rest assured my feline friends I've wiped my arse all the way to an Archbishop, and I also got a pretty decent knowledge of hardcore and the like. So thank you Interweb.
I'm all loooking back at being a wee boy since I'm home, it may last a bit so hold steady.

Anyway, point at hand; Shane, I'll just make it nice and clear that I didn't mean to insult you, in my mind I was having a bit of a laugh. Maybe i was wrong. So shane put the toys back in the pram son and dont take things so serious in future, remember it is only the interweb.

On the Wireless: Electrolight, Lyric FM

Edgard Varèse looking at some pants or something.

Another recommendation for electronic music on the airwaves: Lyric FM's Electrolight explores the story of music made with the help of electronics, charting the course of some of its innovators and pioneers across the past six decades, starting with the lab-coated, presumably bespectacled boffins of Musique Concrète in Paris and Elektronische Musik in Cologne.

As far as I can tell (it's not dated very clearly on the site), this went out around this time last year or maybe the year before on Lyric FM, but the series is archived for streaming in its entirety on the Lyric FM site. It's hosted by Irish composer Roger Doyle, who has a relaxed, friendly and fun style, which, just like Matthew Collings, lets us in on the jokes and to connect with the music, rather than staring po-faced at us. He also plays around with some of the effects he's discussing in the music, which is fun.

If This Is Modern Art (more of which later hopefully) was a kind of Modern Art for Dummies! introduction, this show is the same thing for modern electronic and electroacoustic music, which, if anything, is even more baffling than modern art. So, in the first show, Doyle takes us from music made from recording burning charcoal (Xenakis' Concret PH 2), to a single drip multiplied on tape and endlessly varied (Dripsody by Hugh Lecaine), to a piece by self-proclaimed extra-terrestrial Karlheinz Stockhausen, whose early work was painstakingly created using sine tones created by early synthesizers, played back into rooms for reverb, recorded on tape, and finally spliced together according to detailed graphic scores.

Well worth a listen! Lyric FM minisite.


One day last week, the plug for my MacBook melted and I was without the internet for an evening. it was agony. I literally didn't know what to do with myself – I ended up watching a documentary about how all the dinos died (a big asteroid, init), which was actually quite good. But the whole time I knew I was missing out and I was devastated.
The next day, despite being super busy, it being really cold and me being really tired, I waltzed all the way to Bristol (a 10min train journey and ~£5.45 taxi away) after work to the Apple store to get my charger replaced 'cause I knew I couldn't handle another evening without my laptop. The actions of a dedicated cyber-warrior or a desperate cyber-slave?
It made me think – no matter what I'm doing, my laptop, MSN and Firefox are always at hand. The first thing I do when I wake up before I even rub my eyes is reach over and grab my laptop from the floor – where I'd left it the night before, surfing hard up until I can barely keep my eyes open. Then another ten minutes. In fact, just last night, I found myself getting mildly frustrated that I can't use my laptop in the shower and thought for a good while about how rich I would be if I invented a reliable laptop boat (please don't steal that amazing idea).
Maybe it's just me – I've been lucky enough to have internet in my house since I was about 12 – it was terrible 56k speed but I found myself absorbing it and making websites in Microsoft's Front Page Express and saving them to floppy disk to upload on my neighbour's computer (he had some webspace and his internet was a bit faster – attempts include Star Wars Heaven and a Pokémon one that I can't remember the name of). Ten years later (christ) and I can't even remember what I did before the internet was at my command. What have I got to show for my mild addiction? I wonder how many hours I've used on the internet in my life – and for what? A couple of failed websites, a basic knowledge of HTML and an in-depth knowledge of internet slang and netiquette. Ten years that took.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

mince meat font

Sadly, just a concept and not available for download.

By Robert Bolesta

Century of the Self

"This series is about how those in power have used Freud's theories to try and control the dangerous crowd in an age of mass democracy." - Adam Curtis

This is easily the greatest documentary series I've ever seen. It's consistently fascinating viewing with startling insights into how the 20th century was shaped into a consumer society. If you're interested in the psychology behind advertising and how government can shape the mindset of their nation then this is essential viewing. Go watch it now.

Part One: Happiness Machines

The story of the relationship between Sigmund Freud and his American nephew, Edward Bernays. Bernays invented the public relations profession in the 1920s and was the first person to take Freud's ideas to manipulate the masses. He showed American corporations how they could make people want things they didn't need by systematically linking mass-produced goods to their unconscious desires.

Part Two: The Engineering of Consent

The programme explores how those in power in post-war America used Freud's ideas about the unconscious mind to try and control the masses.
Politicians and planners came to believe Freud's underlying premise - that deep within all human beings were dangerous and irrational desires and fears. They were convinced that it was the unleashing of these instincts that had led to the barbarism of Nazi Germany. To stop it ever happening again they set out to find ways to control this hidden enemy within the human mind.

Part Three: There is a Policeman Inside All Our Heads: He Must Be Destroyed

In the 1960s, a radical group of psychotherapists challenged the influence of Freudian ideas in America. They were inspired by the ideas of Wilhelm Reich, a pupil of Freud's, who had turned against him and was hated by the Freud family. He believed that the inner self did not need to be repressed and controlled. It should be encouraged to express itself.

Part Four: Eight People Sipping Wine in Kettering

This episode explains how politicians on the left, in both Britain and America, turned to the techniques developed by business to read and fulfil the inner desires of the self.

Both New Labour, under Tony Blair, and the Democrats, led by Bill Clinton, used the focus group, which had been invented by psychoanalysts, in order to regain power. They set out to mould their policies to people's inner desires and feelings, just as capitalism had learnt to do with products.



Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shane, we hardly knew ye

Video inspired by Dano

Shortly after departure, Shane has jumped ship and, in that great American tradition of independence and maverick-ness (adjective?), has reignited the Dwayne Schintzius Memorial Blog.

Shane, I'll remember you for your delicious-sounding recipe I haven't had the chance to try and some kind of music or something I still haven't downloaded.

(Meta-blogging will hopefully cease shortly.)


It has a bad rap, and I've realised slowly but surely what a waste of time most of it is, but this is a testament to the kind of perfection minimal techno can reach.

ALEX UNDER - Fortuito (2006)

Friday, December 19, 2008


The first phase of our new look appearing shortly.

They Live!

I've wanted to see this film for years and I finally managed to get a copy today.
It's where one of Duke Nukem's best line's originated from and that hack fuck Shepard Fairey owes his career to ripping it off.

Glossy pull out web supplement

Nice to see Thoughts scaling to the heights of it's former self. Great work from everyone involved.

Now, to the music.

This isn't the first time Buddy Peace has gotten love from Thoughts, Etc. as Tuggy mentioned his sublime Warp retrospective yonks ago and I think his Buck 65 mish-mash got a look in here too. (I would search but I couldn't be arsed).
Anyway, he's just dropped his latest long playing mix Wolf Diesel Mountain, which once again displays Buddy's ear for taking a couple great songs and reconfiguring them into some nice combinations.
The selection I'm upping didn't really sit right with me at first, but with all the great mixes I just cant get enuff of it now.
(that's right Diarmo, I removed your admin privileges. This is a fun blog, not an eats, shoots and leaves love-in.)
Portion 14 from Wolf Diesel Mountain-Buddy Peace

Its this bad



Meanwhile back in our London office the hangover continues

B.J. Nilsen - Viking North
from (2007) The Short Night (Touch)


Here's a dish I've been making a lot recently

5 bottles of budweiser

4 pints of guinness



The I.T department


8 more pints of Guinness (drop one outside the pub)




And a dash more Guinness

Throw half the ingredients in your stupid stomach, walk it all down to the pub. Laugh at it. Lie to yourself for half an hour. ADD A CUNT. Spill the rest half way down your face. Be annoyingly honest. Throw it all on a train adding bitterness and dickheadedness along the way (as needed). Sprinkle the fondue you created in a sink or toilet and leave there for your housemates to happen upon. I made one last night, it were great.

Fuck off

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fish 'n' Chiptunes

The video above is a trailer for the recent film "Blip Festival: Reformat The Planet", a documentary concerning the past and present of the musical movement of chiptunes. Viewpoints on chiptunes differ pretty wildly. I myself am fully in favour of this stuff, having spent hours upon hours as a child in front of the PC, commodore and SNES absorbing oceans of 8-bit square soundwaves into my pliant young brain. Other people would consider chiptune artists to be gimmicky hucksters, out to make a name for themselves off a musical fad. I'll leave it to wiser heads to decide whether it's a genuine movement creating artistic meaning within rigid self-imposed limitations, a search for a connection with the artists' youths or a passing trend feeding off the popularity of retro gaming. Maybe it's something from all three.

Speaking of that number, here's 3 tunes by prominent artists of the scene.

nullsleep - Galaxy Tonite

Adventure - Travel Kid

Mesu Kasumai - Rampart Fury

Further listening: free downloads and general chiptunery at 8-bit peoples, the finest netlabel for this sort of malarkey.

These songs make me breath oddly on the bus

Seriously. I got worried looks from strangers.

Múm - Blessed Brambles

Múm - Dancing Behind My Eyelids

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chopped N' Screwed

Real nice glitchy piano house track with some chunky 4/4 from Soundhack's disco moniker.
Sound Stream-Life goes on

Fearless Vampire Killah

Haa Look at this baked old fucker talking to Jools Holland back in the day. Hahahahaa.

Apparently Andrew WK (Who shouldn't be over looked) produced his latest album. Is that true?

Sick in my book

Here's more Keith Haring related matter, these shoes came out a few years ago as part of the Adicolor thing Adidas did, I'm not that big into my trainer culture but a lot of them were 'proppa fresh mate'. But what was even better than the trainers in my wee opinion was the little films that came with them on Youtube and the Adidas website. For so long I was obsessed with watching them, the are beautifully shot and feature a hefty chunk of people i highly regard doing stuff today. I really like this one not just because of my fascination with the dead gay man Keith Haring but also I really like some of the work of living gay man Jeremy Scott (I think this is the first time I've liked a fashion designer), his prints are amazing and his clothes all look like sweets. And that is Sick in my book.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We wanna be free! To, y'know, RUN... all over the place

Via, a clip from the '30s of a chap eating some spaghetti before launching into an early incarnation of free-running/parkour, making use of a large tyre and a moving train, jumping off bridges and through windows, and generally showing little or no regard for his own safety. This is hilarious.

The clip in turn comes from a 1977 movie called Gizmo! which chronicles bizarre inventions, and is available in its entirety on Google Video.

I hate A.I.D.S

And here's part three. If the pop shop existed in London I would look very very different

I hate A.I.D.S

Here's part two, makes you think what graffiti could have been if it hadn't been corralled solely into hip-hop culture early on.

I hate A.I.D.S

I hate art, mostly. I can only think of about three or four artists that I actually really like (unlike music where I can only think of three or four bands or musicians I actually dislike). Keith Haring is one of them, posibly my favorite when I think about it. Watch this and let me know if you agree.

First Council of Nicea in 325 probably didn't forsee this ...

New Pavement release! I won't wax lyrical because obsessive fans sicken me and, while I am one, I like to try and keep my droolings to a minimum. I'll just stick with the bare facts: their new joint, Brighten the Corners: Nicene Creeders Edition was released a week a ago and just popped in my letterbox today from the good folks at I spent the morning and early afternoon mining it for nuggets of Pavement related joy, and it's been a rewarding excercise. The liner notes are an article by the name of the Pavement Tapes, published by the New Yorker circa 1997, not the most compelling article in the world but worth a read on the shitter at least. The material on the actual CDs is a marked improvement from the Wowee Zowee offerings, Peel Session, KCRW session, top notch B-Sides, it's got the lot ...

Here's a few gems:

Westie Can Drum
Haven't heard this since my tape player crapped out on me 6 years ago. "Westieeeee he cannot drum!"

Space Ghost Theme #2
The three minute extended version of the outro played by Pavement for Space Ghost Coast to Coast season 3 episode "Pavement"(minus George Lowe's Space Ghost interjections).

The Classical (Peel Session)
Mark E Smith quite vocally hates being associated with Pavement (one of his quotes is "They haven't got a fuckin original idea in their heads") but they don't seem to mind being associated with him. Hence the cover of the Classical. The Fall probably got more CDs sold off the back of Pavement than vice versa, but you could argue the toss on that one til the cows came home and all you would get is tired.

Also, quick snapshot of what the guys are at now:

1 - Stephen Malkmus continues to record solo albums, raise kids and downplay any talk of a Pavement reunion. (Also he tells me what year it is when I tell him to play a hit).

2 - Scott Kannberg is presumably still working on material for Preston School of industry.

3 - Bob Nastanovich is a funny wee man. He's tour managing for the Silver Jews and Stephen Malkmus, and is currently employed as a chart caller for Equibase, America's official Horse Racing database. His horse racing blog, Lonely on the Rail, is now sadly defunct. The guy loves to gamble and wheel and deal. Him and Terry Venables could be best chums.

4 - Mark Ibold (pictured above) recently toured with Sonic Youth and is a fulltime bartender at "Great Jones Cafe" in New York City.

5 - Steve West, taking the advice of the song above, realised he can't drum and now sings for a band called Marble Valley (I haven't heard any of their stuff but I'm making it my mission to find something by them).


Pete Drake – Forever

Cubicle genius

This is a video about one of my favorite things; writing on the walls of toilets, commonly known as the highest form of Graffiti, ever. Nothing beats the forum for assasinating the charachter's of your peers that is the private toilet cubicle.
The boys toilets in art school was probably where the most relavant work in the building went down. Fools got properly educated on just how rubbish they were, especially if they drew some shitty Manga charachter with huge trousers smoking 'da herb'on the ruddy walls. Whilst Drawing the cock and balls evolved to the sweetest perfection (it got so out of hand infact that once me old mate George returned to his desk to find the hands of the figure he was drawing replaced by cocks and once I accidentally handed in one of my assessment forms with a cock drawn in the corner of the page, bollocks!). So anyway heres a nice video about drawing on toilet walls. Why not head down to your nearest toilet and write Messy Angelo's phone number on the wall letting everyone know what it is exactly that he's down for*

P.S Dano visited me once and drew some beautiful bent cocks on the bathroom walls of our union. Which stayed there untouched for ages btw.

* A Cleveland steamer

Monday, December 15, 2008

The House of Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus ticks a lot of boxes. Signed to Warp, famous old jazz relatives, media comparisons to Prefuse, J Dilla & Madlib amongst others ... The plain facts of the case are that the chap probably couldn't help being cool if he tried, so let's try not to judge him too harshly for it. Accepting Los Angeles, released this year, with no preconceptions will reward repeated listens. The album has a dense matted undergrowth of beats with shades of jazz and electronica that show off different facets on every listen ... Take two tracks and judge for yourself.

Camel - Flying Lotus

Comet Course - Flying Lotus

Play the game while you're fannying about doing nowt online ... It's both diverting and aesthetically pleasing.

Current Rotations

A smattering of tracks in no particular order that im enjoying.
Crass-You Pay
From The Feeding of the 5000

Cage-Among the sleep
From Movies For the Blind

Daedelus-Something Bells
From Of Snowdonia

On the Wireless: Paul Acroplane

Quick recommendation: if you're looking for some monster electronic sounds this evening (or even if you don't think you are), you should tune into Queen's Radio (streaming online here), where Paul Moore, head honcho of Belfast's terrific Acroplane Recordings (voted the best netlabel in the world for 2008 just yesterday, and rightly so) is hosting the two-hour Attic show from 10pm - 12am.

Having witnessed Paul DJing on numerous occasions in my time in Belfast, and following Acroplane's prolific output, I really can't recommend this highly enough - it'll be off the fuckin' chain.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

"There's nothing to tell us what to feel"

Photo from here

It's great when you find something you didn't even know you were looking for. The often-excellent Smashing Telly posted this documentary a couple of days ago: in keeping with the arty vibes currently on show around here, it's the first episode of a six-part series by English art critic Matthew Collings. It's called This is Modern Art, and it first aired on Channel 4 all the way back in 1998.

I was lucky enough to visit some wonderful galleries this year, and as a complete art novice, having someone like Mr Collings to talk about what I was seeing would have really brought the work to life.

Collings has a very dry wit (so dry, in fact, that as the show began, I thought it was going to be a one-man diatribe against modern art) which lets this show bypass the stuffiness and pretentiousness often associated with the art world, factors which also sadly keep so many people away from it.

This first episode takes a (mercifully brief) look at a few of the YBAs who were so popular in the hip, knowing '90s, before going on to profile Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol, their work and their influence on modernism. This is excellent stuff, really worth a look as an Everything You Wanted To Know About Modern Art But Were Afraid To Ask!-type introduction. Those already versed in modern art should enjoy Collings' interesting take on its history.

This Is Modern Art (1998) - Episode 1

Part 1

(Part 2, 3, 4, 5)

The Edifice [Why Man Creates]

This is an old Saul Bass animation about how we got to the front of the queue.

Has anybody got any questions?

Stone Face Killah

Look at this old fucking video of Leonard 'Stoney' L. St Clair Tattooing. Pure Class! Its funny hearing the old bastard talking to the yokels. Notice the total lack of gloves or a stencil. The consummate professional.

Clip from Stoney Knows How on YouTube


Graffiti is an odd one, I'm unsure how I really feel about it, there's not that much in London compared to other cities, y'know except the odd "rip peel dem crew' and Tox tag. Documentaries about graffiti on the other hand are almost always horribly terrible, usually set to a wickety-wah bollocks soundtrack and full of agressive no talents that talk embarrassing. This is the exception, all the people involved are pretty relevant, interesting, 'famous' and also pretty different. Earsnot; the massive black gay thug with gold grills is my favorite, Bruce LaBruce wrote this article about his crew (friends who like to write on things too) IRAK a while back. Toomer is pretty funny and I seen him in a porno movie recently painting naked ladies. Woop. I put up part nine (of ten) because its pretty gut wrenching, their stories are gripping and incredible to hear (how many of your friends have been to prison, been shot etc...) so I really recommend you watch them all. Preferably at work. Whilst you should be doing something important. Like I did.


Richter Scales The Heights

This video for Max Richter's "Song" (from the expansive, filmic 2006 album "Songs From Before") has the honour of being one of the last commercial productions shot using the now defunct Kodachrome 40 stock. The footage is grainy and spectral, as is the song, and it sets the mood better than any other format could have.

Anyway, here's the actual "Song" as well, in case you wanna walk around town in the pre-dawn twilight with it on your i-pod pretending you're in a post-apocalyptic future or that you're going to burn your manuscripts in a quarry out of sheer despair or some such ...

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Its that time of year again when people feel compelled to rattle off list's of music that they enjoyed that year and
I cant remember half the shit I listened to this year so Ill spare you mine.

An album I did enjoy however is The Camels Back by the wonderfull Psapp.
Usually Im weary of this kind of thing (lady singing of wacky things, wacky plucky strings,wacky percussion, lesbian music), but Psapp seem to thread that line of getting it just right.
Any way, Ive banged on before about their great cut for that David Shrigley record so have a track from their latest and another from their finest long playing record The only thing I ever wanted.

Part like waves
from The Camels Back

from The only thing I ever wanted

The shape of Jazz that came

This is a documentary about Charles Mingus, the famous Jazz improviser and composer. I'm not that up on improvised Jazz but I sorta like this guy, mostly because of old footage of him being a handsome devil and shouting instructions at his band. I think Radiohead had a shiny boner for him around the time of Kid A and it kinda comes through on that album I guess. Its my favorite album as well, so y'know watch the rest of this documentary and feel all relaxed and drink some port or sumthin. I don't know, is that what Jazz fans do with their time? Probably

I like old documentaries y'see

Friday, December 12, 2008

Combat 84 fight clip (taken from BBC doc.)

Look I know I've posted about five videos in 24 hours but youtube just recommended i watch this (it actually did that, the silly thing). I don't know about you but this is the best thing I have seen in months. I know its racist, but thats not the point, in fact i don't know what the point is. Is it the way they're dressed? Is it the sheer level the brawl escalates to in such a short time? Is it the geezer shouting 'Oi you cunt' and 'were all white here'. I dont bloody know but it ticked a lot of box's on my sheet.
I'm heading down the Marquis of Granby to shout 'COME ON THEN, WHO WANTS IT, I'LL OPEN YOU UP LIKE A BAG OF FACKING WALKERS*'

*TAYTO to you'se back home.


Hahaha look, in between croissants and raising the white flag those Fannies the french are actually funny. Who. The fuck. Knew?


If you weren't as nice to me as you are i would act like this all day. So dont fuck about you cunt!

It blows my mind that this actually exists

"Tea and cake, Gerald?"

I think our man Dano has gone the whole hog and ordered the complete 8-hour-or-something set of this, Chris Morris's pre-The Day Today radio news satire programme, On the Hour.

Warp, who are re-releasing the show in its entirety, have a lovely website with bizarre, corrupted versions of the BBC News graphics circa 1991, complete with loads and loads of streaming snippets of the show. Of these, this is one of my favourites, highlighting Morris's genuine skill as an sound designer, nearly always used in the service of monged up hilarity.

John Broseph

Again my work computer is being a cunt so this sick photo didnt get published in my last post. Its me good old mate Chris re-inacting John Joseph's head walking antics in the tiny upstairs of the old blue last. Chris Graham; he wont eat animals but he will walk on your face for free.

Thrash for light

i enjoy doing my job, its pretty easy and satisfying. I work for a law firm in the square mile London town, I do a veriety of jobs, mostly maintenance, fixing stuff, and health and safety nonsense. The lawyers are pretty ok people suprisingly and lets just say most of them don't eat shellfish, so the funny hat quota is high.
Anyway I digress, the reason for this post is that I have pretty much been wearing Vans Era's since day one and no one as batted an eyelid, sure its been pointed out that my trainers have holes in them and are fallin apart at the seams but despite our strict uniform policy everyone from the top down seems to have turned a blind eye to my casual persuasion. This in turn makes me feel much like John Joseph probably feels in the last few frames of the video up above.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'nt life grand

Now i don't listen to heavy music that much any more, it tends to get on my nerves for various long winded reasons. I also try not listen to too much instrumental guitar music as it makes my mind wonder into areas it shouldn't. But. today I powered down to Fopp in Covent bloody Garden and purchased the nonsense out of Earth's album 'Pentastar; in the style of demons' which is pretty much both those fucking things in one (theres a wee bit of singing on one of the tracks). I could wax on about all the heroin, suicide, Sunn amps, shotguns, picture framing, new albums, Kurt and Courtney movie bollocks but you fools have wikipedia and Google. Pretty much this album sounds like a massive bass is being played by big planks of wood whilst it rains a bit in a forest. Its real sick and it came out in 1996 for fuck sake.
The video is pretty good too, bad ass whips, longhairs buying guns and picking up hitchhiking jail bait. I'm putting these three things (and this album) in the diary for over Christmas in Donegal. Come along why don't ya. I'll get my brother to drink drive.

Good to be back.

my work computer is being a total james blunt!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

And another

This is a test

This is a test


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


We're back - although our logo has disappeared :(

Monday, October 06, 2008


Thoughts etc is closed for business at the moment.
Please delete your bookmark and never think of it again.
Thank you.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Vegan Nerds Are Sexual Beings

So I'm kind of going a bit antisocial and hermetic, and to propogate the stereotype of nerdish social retards as Anticon's main fanbase (and vice versa), here's a few of some of their tunes keeping me company while everyone else is asleep ...

The Candle - Deep Puddle Dynamics (The Taste Of Rain ... Why Kneel?, 1998)
A classic hip hop tune from just about a decade ago, featuring Slug, Alias, Doseone and Sole rhyming over a solid piano-led Jel concoction... an appropriate reminder of the fact that Anticon was a hip-hop label first and foremost.

A Blindness Falls - Telephone Jim Jesus (A Point Too Far To Astronaut, 2004)
A brief snippet of spritely acoustic guitar and stream of consciousness vocals... a common structure for songs by the Anticon crew, and an almost invariably interestion one.

The Hollows - Why? (The Hollows EP, 2007)
A sinister indie rock anthem, which seems to be the direction Joni "Why?" Wolf is fully committed too at this stage, and one of my favourite songs of last year. Dense metaphor- and image-heavy lyrics, clever progressions and the inimitable delivery of the lead singer make this a tune which fittingly accompanies anything from a walk through the city to a late night vigil over the net.

So there you go. Enjoy em now. Get the albums.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Top Vids of Ought 7, Rethought

OK, ignore the New Years Eve Post, it was hastily and shoddily assembled and left out a few things from ages ago that I presumed were released in 06 ... Here's a more definitive list of videos, revamped and reordered ...

1 Justice - D.A.N.C.E.

2 Snoop Dogg - Sensual Seduction

3 Malcolm Middleton - We're All Going To Die

4 Bat For Lashes - What's A Girl To Do?

5 Feist - 1 2 3 4

6 Low - Breaker

7 Von Sudenfed - Fledermaus Can't Get It

8 Nathan Fake - You Are Here

9 The Shins - Phantom Limb

10 The Chemical Brothers - The Salmon Dance

11 Andrew Bird - Imitosis

12 El-P - Flyentology

13 The Go! Team - Grip Like A Vice

14 Battles - Tonto

15 Digitalism - Idealistic

16 LCD Soundsystem - North American Scum

17 Chromeo - Bonafide Lovin'

18 Busdriver - Sun Showers

18 Kevin Drew - Backed Out On The

19 Panda Bear - Comfy In Nautica

20 Modest Mouse - Dashboard

21 Arcade Fire - No Cars Go