Saturday, November 10, 2007

Holy Fuck, It's A Flying Saucer Attack! Get Andrew Bird, He'll Know What To Do!

3 things I've been digging on recently :

Andrew Bird is a man who needs no introduction from me, being a talented multi-instrumentalist, curious eccentric and all round cool guy, and it's largely because of the concert that I attended of his about a week ago that I'm posting Simple X, a sweet little collaboration with regular cohort Dosh. It's got a fantastic little animation for the live visuals, bizarre little creatures swarming in an alien black and white landscape ...

Flying Saucer Attack (FAQ here) are a much less sweet proposition, in fact they seem downright sullen and unapproachable, but walls of feedback and distortion have been a fetish of mine ever since I wandered across Bardo Pond on a Pavement covers album back in the day and there are few people who so wantonly adorn their songs as with these elements as this Bristol duo. My Dreaming Hill is a shoegazing, post rock mess of the highest calibre. Check out their self titled debut album from '93, it's awash with all sorts of buzzes and gusts of noise, fairly reminiscent of earlier Hood tracks, only more upbeat, or like My Bloody Valentine, only less developed.

Finally, I've recently gotten into Holy Fuck, who quite apart from having a class name are a pretty decent band. Supposedly they wanted to make modern electronic music but without actually using loops etc, whether they've achieved that is a matter of opinion. They're probably better viewed as a pulsating instrumental band, and here's Lovely Allen to give ammunition to the hypothesis. A nod at Lily Allen's general loveliness? Possibly.

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