Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Takeover The Airwaves

Ever wondered what a hybrid of Robert Pollard (Guided By Voices) and collaborators such as Stephen Malkmus (Pavement), John Moen (The Decemberists) amongst others would sound like, then wonder no more...

Here's a tune by supergroup The Takeovers called I Can See My Dog.

Pretty Not Bad seems an awful understatement for how good this band are... They don't deal in weighty stuff, but the tunes are emminently hummable.

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Japanese Chick Shakes (Japanese Chicks Rock?)

I've been scouring my newly acquired music on my newly acquired PC and I figure I should share On Mani. It's easily the best track off OOIOO (pronouced as each of the letters if you plan on saying it anytime soon) album Kila Kila Kila, which is very much worth checking out if you enjoy spaced out, largely instrumental music. If you're into tracking the links between bands, and the good lord knows I am, the reference point for OOIOO is Yoshimi P-We (lauded in Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, drummer for the Boredoms, part of supergroup Free Kitten etc etc). Now you can play 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon even better than before.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Post With A Point! At Last!

The point alluded to in the title being a teaser of some bands I'll be getting to see on the weekend of the 7th of December in cider country, UK. I'll post up a few mp3s of the bands I'm most jizzed up about seeing ...

A Hawk and A Hacksaw (complete with flashy website) peddle weird extreme Balkan folk tunes, and feature members with such pedigree as Jeremy Barnes (drummer from Neutral Milk Hotel). Here's a hyperactive tune called Fernando's Giampari.

Autolux are signed to a label founded by the Cohen Brothers, so it appears they're as good at music industry shenanigans as they are at film making, given the fact that Autolux are class. Here's a live track called Plantlife performed in Chicago in 2005. It's nervy and, god how I love it, distorted to the max.

And finally there's Francoiz Breut, who seems to be like a French female Tindersticks of some sort ... Here's the pithily titled Il N'y A Pas D'hommes Dans Les Coulisses ...

So it turns out I always post in threes? Huh. That's odd.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

High Art

The finest living artist today, David Shrigley has written an amusing little songbook called worried noodles and got some of the finest offbeat musicians to conjure up the music. Thankfully his taste in music is just as excellent as his art, and those involved include Hot Chip, Max Tundra, Phil Elvrum, David Byrne, Grizzly Bear and Aidan Moffat. It also happens to be hilarious (in a morbid were all going to die kinda way)
Sad Song-Psapp

Also on the subject of art, as I write this, im watching Factory Girl with Sienna Miller and Guy Pierce. Fucking terrible so far.

Holy Fuck, It's A Flying Saucer Attack! Get Andrew Bird, He'll Know What To Do!

3 things I've been digging on recently :

Andrew Bird is a man who needs no introduction from me, being a talented multi-instrumentalist, curious eccentric and all round cool guy, and it's largely because of the concert that I attended of his about a week ago that I'm posting Simple X, a sweet little collaboration with regular cohort Dosh. It's got a fantastic little animation for the live visuals, bizarre little creatures swarming in an alien black and white landscape ...

Flying Saucer Attack (FAQ here) are a much less sweet proposition, in fact they seem downright sullen and unapproachable, but walls of feedback and distortion have been a fetish of mine ever since I wandered across Bardo Pond on a Pavement covers album back in the day and there are few people who so wantonly adorn their songs as with these elements as this Bristol duo. My Dreaming Hill is a shoegazing, post rock mess of the highest calibre. Check out their self titled debut album from '93, it's awash with all sorts of buzzes and gusts of noise, fairly reminiscent of earlier Hood tracks, only more upbeat, or like My Bloody Valentine, only less developed.

Finally, I've recently gotten into Holy Fuck, who quite apart from having a class name are a pretty decent band. Supposedly they wanted to make modern electronic music but without actually using loops etc, whether they've achieved that is a matter of opinion. They're probably better viewed as a pulsating instrumental band, and here's Lovely Allen to give ammunition to the hypothesis. A nod at Lily Allen's general loveliness? Possibly.

Japanese zombie schoolgirls

Top tune this:

The lack of a decent internet connection and time in general has stopped me bangin on about how good the new Buck 65 album is.
Check out this free Buck 65 mix by cutup genius Buddy peace, who as you may remember did that fantastic Warp Records retrospective mix
Situation Mix

Le 65isme / 15 Minutes To Live / Out Of Focus / Pope / Wicked And Weird / Killed By A Horse / TACHICHI & DJ MOVES : 'Head Up' (featuring Buck 65) / Square 4 / Kennedy Killed The Hat / Bandits / Boom Bip : 'The Unthinkable' (featuring Buck 65) / The Centaur / Situation Intro / Weirdo Magnet Track 20 / Riverbed 1 / Out Of Focus / Sounds From The Back Of The Bus / Square 1 / The Rebel [acapella] / Supper At Sundown / Weirdo Magnet Track 1 / Shutterbug / Shutterbug [acapella] / Pants On Fire / Bachelor Of Science / Hot Lunch / Sage Francis : 'Got Up This Morning' [instrumental] / Mr Dibbs : 'Healthy Serving' / Sebutones : 'Tranquilized Tones' / Weirdo Magnet Track 16 / Cop Shades [acapella] / Buck 65 & Kotep Omegatron : 'Fresh Juice' / Sore / Blood Of A Young Wolf / Square 1 / Diesel Treatment / Sebutones : '05 Pros' / Weirdo Magnet Track 9 / You Know The Science / 65 Buick / On All Fours / Drawing Curtains / 463 / Whitebread / Skill Saw / Memories Of The Passed / Way Back When [acapella] / Dirty Work / The Rebel / Way Back When / Lipstick [acapella] / Lipstick / The Centaur [source music] / Square 1 / Wicked And Weird / Heatwave / Heatwave [acapella] / Red To Black / The Beatific / 1957 / Cop Shades / Heatwave [source music] / Whitebread [acapella]

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Don't go to the Ghostland Observatory, you might see these two trannies wankin about ...

I can't decide whether these guys annoy the shit out of me or are infectiously good tunesmiths ...

I'll leave you to decide, with these two tracks from last years Paparazzi Lightning, the fairly Digitalismesque Sad Sad City, the slow burning title track and the more bouyant Vibrate.

You want a fuckin TTC track too maybe? It's got Busdriver and Radioinactive on it ... got seriously into these lads of late, Tuggers having played them for me all of 2 years ago.

Check out the dumb fucking audience ... they could be giving it a bit more enthusiasm.