Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's the Return of the Mc (... Caffrey)

So, it's been a seriously long while since I've posted anything at all on the ould Thoughts Etc, so I figured I'd hit you up with a combo sampler of what is currently gracing my dvd/cd playing contraption in my sweaty hovel in Shanowen...

Due to a recent cash surplus and common sense deficit, I've been hurling money at cds and such, leading to a sharp rise in sexy music and a sharp decline in the aforementioned surplus cash in my life. One of the first cds I bought was Remain in Light by the brilliant Talking Heads, and the first track I'm putting up is an edgy slice of paranoid funk (stock music journalist phrases for dealing with the Heads but accurate nonetheless) called Born Under Punches ... it's epic and taut. The kind of funk you might play to get your nerdy friends to accept that they may one day dance their holes off when completely hammered.

The song I acquired was from the new joint by Alan Sparhawk and co. They've ditched Zak whatshisname and gone in a new, minimalistic but electronically tinged direction but it really works quite well. You might say they've gone to a whole new Low. Anyway, awful jokes aside, Hatchet is a catchy tune. Soft insistent drums, abrupt guitar strums and the trademark Low harmonisation... magic.

I bought the Glow Pt 2 by the Microphones and decided the best song I could put up was the Glow Pt 2, a song Tuggers lobbed on a tape (R.I.P. mix tape culture, you were so very beautiful) for me years and years ago, blew my mind then and rocks my pants still.

€4.00! That's all I can say about this collection of Otis Redding love songs that I got in Tesco. Worth the price for (Your Love is Lifting Me) Higher & Higher alone. I can't even remember the version that's on the Ghostbusters soundtrack anymore. Watch out for the Benny Hill trumpets, they're a sight/sound to behold/behear.

Even cheaper still was The Magic of Brass, here's the boyos version of a Paul Simon classic ... see if you can tell what song it is.

Well that's a few choice slices of what I'm thinking about, etceterally. Enjoy. And go buy the records, you scummy freeloading students.

Smokey and the Bandit was in Tesco for €4.95, in case you're wondering about the picture there at the top.

It is a cinema classic on a par with citizen kane.

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magooo said...

i need that brass cd in my life!