Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sound of Summer

the past few days have been lovely. out of nowhere elements of the summer have crept back up on us (maybe it was when the clocks went forward [back?]...) and has brought a massive twinge of smiles and laughs with it, and an even massiver inability to even think about doing any work.
the best part about all of this, though, is the difference hot tunez have on you when the sun is shining. just the right track, up totally loud, obv, with the sun blasting onto your face and a cold beer in hand, it really is a beautiful thing.

with all of that stuff in mind, here are a few tracks that I hope will totally fill you with joy, categorised to make that easy day even easier.

ooooooooooooooooooooo yea......h......

Grovesnor - Night Moves

Opening track from the new Hot Chip DJ Kicks, hit this one when you've been drinking all day and there's that 6:30-8
weary kind of slump where everyone has a wee yawn. If you can time it so that when the piano and beat kick in just as the sun disappears, everyone will appreciate it.

Digitalism - Pogo

This track has been pleasing me for about two weeks now, a strange step for Digitalism but it stands on it's own all the same. I guess it work best in the hottest part of the day, at an evening barbeque or, in the heat of the party.

Lo Fi FNK - City

Not too new or frrresh off the market, but a perfect summer track all the same. I reckon anything by the FNK boys would do the trick.

Miami Horror - Don't Be On With Her

Who takes themselves srsly these days? Especially not Miami Horror, you can hear the fun that went into this track, and it comes right out your speakers.

Clinic - Distortions

I recently got back into Clinic out of nowhere when I was drinking and wanted to hear 'The Second Line'. I forgot how good Internal Wrangler was so I picked it up and everything I remember about Distortions, has stood the test of time. Another sunset serenade, make it count.

I am officially marking today my personal start of the summer, and I have a good feeling about it...

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Tugboat said...

Spring forward, Fall back.