Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Shindig Nights:april 2007

Shindig Nights: April 2007- KickAcid
A short mix this time, was mainly just to mess about on ableton with a breaks pack that gooch sent us (cheers!).
A few stone cold stompers in there though!

runningup that hill-Kate Bush
heartbreaker-teriyaki boyz
Mr Frosty-Mike & Rich
Legend of Zelda theme-koji kondo
samba legrand-Daedelus
steppin' out-Joe Jackson


magooo said...

gwan tracklist us up there.


Tugboat said...

Yo what the fuck is meant to be in my hand

KickAcid said...

a poorly drawn can of ale.
its difficult to drawn on these wee laptop things.

Daithi said...

looks like a flacid penis to me.

top mix tho.... Dano does Disco!

Diarmaid said...

where are all those meatspin comments you had earlier tuggles you mess ...

Tugboat said...

bloody spammers!

(drunk spammers wwho actually post on the blog.)