Saturday, March 03, 2007

Retro Candy

I recently found the contents of my late iPod buried deep in the viscera of my laptop and have since then been indulging in some giddy re-acquaintance. I've also reversed my opinions on nostalgia being no good as an impetus for seeking out tunes because it actually is pretty good fun.

First on my list is a hot little ditty from a guy who never much sought any kind of spotlight but nevertheless makes some of the finest country blues going. For whatever reasons if you've not been hearing much guitar music in the last while, cast your worries to one side because this guy is smoking (as well as being quite the wordsmith):

Paul Curreri: Spirit of the Staircase.

Next is one to whet the appetite for what, should it be released this year, could be one of the most exciting albums of the year. All reports from recent Jape shows have been astoundingly positive. After the last album winning undoubtedly the most coveted and prestigious award in the music world (R.T.E. Guide Album Of The Year or R.T.E.G.A.O.T.Y for short) it would bode well for another cracking album from the diminutive Mr. Egan himself.

Jape: Reminding Me

Last tune in this musical reach-around is from the Silver Jews about which no words can I quite think to write that might do any real justice to my feelings about them.

Silver Jews: I Remember Me

Time to move on then.


Tugboat said...

That Jape sounds really good... And the Silver Jews! What a fuckin tuine that is, eh?

Tugboat said...