Saturday, March 17, 2007

Get It While You Can

Low have a new album, titled Drums and Guns, on the way (released 2nd April here), and as we've come to expect from them, it is a beautiful piece of work. Perhaps unexpectedly, it introduces more of what you could call in Low's case "experimental" production techniques than any of their previous material - looping, electronic drums etc. - yet as ever, the stark, haunting vocal melodies and harmonies are the focus of attention. One of the album highlights, "Breaker", is available here. Also on the album is a new version of 2003 single "Murderer", one of their most powerful pieces of work.

LOW - "Murderer" [Vinyl Films, 2003]

A lovely tearjerking bit of soul today too from the dapper man up above there:

HOWARD TATE - Get It While You Can [Mercury, 1995 (reissue)]


Dkln said...

I prefer the new Murderer version, but both are incredibly top. I ahven't got through the whole album yet but what I've heard, they did a great job at holding on to the bands core but made it lot more interesting

Tugboat said...

I like the rawness of the old version, but yeah the new one is very nice too. I like the album a lot - the sorta new things they're doing complement their style really well... It's nice and subtle.