Wednesday, February 28, 2007


A few of us went to see Michel Gondry's latest film the science of sleep a couple of nights ago and were suitably astounded(!). It's both written and directed by Gondry this time and he more than delivers on both fronts(it ain't just about the visuals).

Heres a short clip:

The original music for the film was done by a man called Jean Michel Bernard
and seeing as this is primarily a music blog here are some choice cuts from the ost(which is also great, obviously):

Jean Michel Bernard - Generique Stephane

Dick Annegarn - Coutances

Gael Garcia Bernal and co. - If you rescue me (chanson des chats)

that last one as far as I know is a velvet underground cover(especially for Daithi).

I you get a chance go see it!


Tugboat said...

I wasn't sure about it at the start but as it went on I definitely got into it... Great film.

Second link's broken dano.

Tugboat said...

Plus that Jean Michel Bernard tune seems to be called Generique Stephane...

Brian said...

My name is pronounced Brian, all fixed now...dick.

Brian said...
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Tugboat said...

Oh shit! Embarrassed! Sorry Brian. And thanks.

piaras said...

nice one Brian, can't wait to hear them tunes again