Friday, February 02, 2007

January Round-Up

The Internet is friendly. He wants to help you. Either that or he is pointing out some great deals on vIagGgRA and diamonds.

A warm welcome to Unnecessary Feature number 1,525,621.

So January was pretty good huh? No better way to kick off a year than with January, the first month.

Some of the stuff that tickled us nicewise:

1. How dedicated is Diarmaid to the cause? On the very first day of ought-seven he took some time out of the national holiday to blab about TV on the Radio... 01/01/07. More of his 2006 favourites followed after a few days: Click click click - suck my dick.

2. Piaras smacked us around mercilessly for his second ever post with a big stick labelled "contemporary and improv music". 02/01/07

3. Dano just loves Brian Eno. And don't we all? 02/01/07

4. Magoo(o) loves Tobiah's music, apparently. 10/01/07

5. Daniel on his first-name namesake: Daniel Johnston. 11/01/07

6. Sometimes, all Aidan needs is the Air that he listens to. (Also: to love you.) 13/01/07

7. Arise, Sir Jarvis! 14/01/07

8. Diarmaid likes puns as much as me (if not more?) 14/01/07

9. I like Friendly People. 15/01/07

10. Dano played some tunes, mixing them together as he did so. 18/01/07

11. "JUST GIMME INDIE ROCK!" screams Diarmaid, ripping his t-shirt apart. 20/01/07

12. To cap the month off, I spouted my half-baked opinions on partying and closing times before proceeding to party for the better part of 4 days. Yay for me! 25/01/07

And believe it or do your very best to delude yourself into not believing it, but it's February already! I'll give 2007 a 2.007 out of 3.000 so far. It's been pretty solid. Onwards!

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