Friday, February 02, 2007

Haircut House

Audion is a lot less sinister performing live than I'd imagined (also this is a very rare live techno video in that it doesn't sound like the venue is also a functioning wind tunnel):

Meanwhile: this is very music-nerdy, but hilarious at the same time - not to mention completely true.

EDIT: Please note the title is not meant to imply that I think Audion makes haircut house, obviously.

DOUBLE EDIT: Previews of some recent/upcoming Audion stuff here (third track down - he revisits his uppy-downy "No Fit State" messing here again) and here (first track - absolutely storming) respectively. (Shit. These brackets and hyphens are out of control. I need punctuation lessons.) Also, right now I'm thinking I wish I'd had the £20 or so I'd have needed to stay in Belfast and hit the bad-ass line-up at Shine tomorrow night. I need a job, guys! Oh well, I haven't seen Daithi in the Fubar for a while so that's enough to look forward to...


CubikArubik said...

Nice one. I just found out that Audion (Matthew Dear) is from Austin, Texas. where I moved to from Ireland a few years back. He is now based in Detroit but comes back here for shows so I can get to see him fairly often.
I can tell you that Audion's sound is very Un-Texas. ;-)
Nice blog by the way.

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