Sunday, February 11, 2007

Everyone's a DJ and Everyone's a Journalist

Here is a quick mix of a couple of tunes I learned to "DJ" with on Ableton Live: two old and two new; three techno and one ambient; one American, one Irish and two German.

AUDION - I Gave You Away [SPC-40, February 2007]
DONNACHA COSTELLO - No Matter What I Do [MIN019, August 2005]
AXEL BARTSCH - Shifting [KOMEX41, October 2006]
ULF LOHMANN - Falling Down [KOM117, March 2005]

Thoughts, Etcetera February 2007 Quick Mix by Tugboat [33mb, mp3, Dead and Gone]

I would put up a picture but Blogger's being a cunt.


tugboat said...

Hmm. Just gave it a listen... As the time of post might indicate, I was a bit drunk when I did this.

Mostly the tracks are left to stand on their own, save a few poorly-executed EQ tweaks, etc.

I just liked the tunes and the instant gratification of throwing them together in Ableton... Make of it what you will.

robvanhalen said...

drunken posting is the new dogging! long live the the drunken post. death to the drunken txt message!

Tugboat said...

Jesus Christ this is awful.