Monday, February 05, 2007

Booka Shade and Michael Mayer at Shine

Photo: Amy Grill

This is almost a month away, but it's sufficiently good news to post now I reckon: the German technoists Booka Shade and Michael Mayer are next month's headliners at Shine, hitting Belshaft on Saturday March 3rd. Having missed Modeselektor on Saturday, this one will be in the diary with large red circles all around it and £20 sellotaped to the page so that I can't throw it away on whatever all the crap is that I always end up wasting my money on.

Nice quote from Mr. Mayer: “The only thing I pre-determine is that I play 4/4. The rest happens by accident. I love the deeper side of music, obviously, but I like it raw and kicking. There has to be some pop too and my sets are very pop influenced: I don’t mix tools for hours, there has to be waves like a pop song. I love records that are structured, that have a beginning/middle/end. It’s the same for any clubnight, there has to be that progression. I love to warm up and take my time to get in to it, to take people with me. At the end I love to play songs and some things you can whistle on the way home.”


KickAcid said...

here, are you in belfast?

Tugboat said...

Aye I'll call over in a bit sir.

Dkln said...

thats the night of my birthday :(

Tugboat said...

Fuck sake! You would have to be born 21 years to the day before some good DJs were playing wouldn't you?


KickAcid said...

mayer and shades can go stuff it then.