Thursday, February 01, 2007


I've only just noticed this (although Nialler mentioned it a while back): the RPM Challenge is a concept quite similar to the Crapart Album-a-Day project which we're so fond of over at Shindig. While the Album-a-Day must be written, recorded, produced and so on in a single day, with the RPM Challenge you have a month to work on your masterpiece - however, it has to be this month, February. Those interested can still join. Being back at college, I don't have the time to dedicate to it.

Meanwhile, I don't know why the fuck I didn't get my hands on this until now: I mentioned Belfast-based underground electronic wizard (and all-round nice guy) Filaria before, and in particular the EP he had released on (Dutch? Belgian?) label Bugklinik. Of course stupid old me didn't notice the free Beat Negg EP posted up on Belfast netlabel Acroplane (sister to those hard-working live electronic promoters Diston - Rob Hall last weekend was absolutely bumper). And it's blown me away. The beats have enough of that characteristic braindance messing to, well, to make your brain dance, but are also straight ahead and driving enough to surely kill on the floor too. Stir in the meat of acid bass, season with some subtle, fucked up vocal sampling, and - DAMN! - you got a tasty meal right there motherfucker! (That's probably my worst music review yet - just listen to the damn thing. [Also excuse all the brackets. {This is starting to look like a particularly messy bit of Supercollider code.}])

FILARIA - Belly Cotton [mp3]

Get the whole EP from the Acroplane releases page, and do visit his MySpaz for more tunes.


Finnezzia said...

I'm on it!

Tugboat said...

Here fionn get a life.

Get a minitel.

Tugboat said...

Wow! I don't remember that - sincere apologies Fionn, you don't need to get a life or a minitel. We were at Laura's print exhibition last night and gobbled up as much free wine as we possibly could. Giddiness ensued.

acroplane said...

awright. theres a new filaria track on our new compilation lp on lotsa other nice tracks too, it being a compilation n all.