Wednesday, February 28, 2007


A few of us went to see Michel Gondry's latest film the science of sleep a couple of nights ago and were suitably astounded(!). It's both written and directed by Gondry this time and he more than delivers on both fronts(it ain't just about the visuals).

Heres a short clip:

The original music for the film was done by a man called Jean Michel Bernard
and seeing as this is primarily a music blog here are some choice cuts from the ost(which is also great, obviously):

Jean Michel Bernard - Generique Stephane

Dick Annegarn - Coutances

Gael Garcia Bernal and co. - If you rescue me (chanson des chats)

that last one as far as I know is a velvet underground cover(especially for Daithi).

I you get a chance go see it!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

All of a Sudden We're on Conan O Brien Everyone!

A number of recent run ins with Explosions in the Sky's music at somewhat unexpected times (on Conan etc.) lead me to acquire their latest album ... and it's a banger, in so far as glacial and majestic music can be. I am the resident lover of post rock (Piaras knows and loves it more maybe, but I got there first and declared my residency so I get to be resident), so I feel obliged to share this lovely morsel of post rock luncheon meat off the new album, All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone. The tune is the arcing and glorious The Birth & Death of The Day, and it makes me want to curl up in front of their amps and let them explode my eardrums with sexy...


Plus they're playing All Tomorrow's Parties vs. the Fans, and as a ticket holder to said event I am damnably happy.

Friday, February 16, 2007

"Some Herbert's Touching Up Your Bird"

Via Earplug: definitely worth a few of your minutes is this short documentary on Matthew Herbert by Cool Hunting. It shows Herbert gathering drum sounds for his Scale album in the sea, a cave, a car and a hot air balloon (!) - see his Personal Contract For The Composition Of Music for more behind this painstaking approach to music production.

(There's more where this came from on YouToob.)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Andrew Birdman Attorney at Law

wow andrew bird is playing three irish dates on his impending tour, in the crawdaddy twice and the roisin dubh galway not sure which one to go to I may still be able to get a ticket for joanna newsom but I actually think I'd rather see this guy it would probably make for a more interesting show, he's mad talented check this video:

Monday, February 12, 2007

Post-strap report

Well Aidan Moffat and Malcolm Middleton's previous guise Arab Strap may have called it a day as Duo last year, but both seem to be prolific as ever with individual musical projects.
Malcolm's supporting Badly drawn boy tonight in the Mandela Hall Belfast in anticipation of His new album A Brighter Beat on his new label Full Time Hobby due Feburary 26th.
Aidan on the other hand sees the release of his third album under the guise of L.Pierre (formally Lucky) today on the excellent Melodic Label.
Also due this year from Aidan is a spoken word album called I can hear your heart on Chemical underground
Moffat also has a new band in the works called Aidan Moffat and the best of's with an album due next year.
Both Aidan and Malcolm contribute to Ballads of the Book, a collabrative album of various contemporary scottish musicians including
Aerogramme, James Yorkston, Sons And Daughters, King Creosote and the rather good De rosa. Its a bit like that reindeer section album except instead of being curated by that cunt Gary Lightbody, its that Fuzzy haired cunt from Idlewild.
Have a listen:

Malcolm Middleton-Four Cigarettes from A Brighter Beat
L.Pierre-Hike from Dip
Aidan Moffat and the Best Of's-The Sixth Stone from Ballads of the book
Aidan John Moffat-The Boy You Love from I can hear your heart

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Everyone's a DJ and Everyone's a Journalist

Here is a quick mix of a couple of tunes I learned to "DJ" with on Ableton Live: two old and two new; three techno and one ambient; one American, one Irish and two German.

AUDION - I Gave You Away [SPC-40, February 2007]
DONNACHA COSTELLO - No Matter What I Do [MIN019, August 2005]
AXEL BARTSCH - Shifting [KOMEX41, October 2006]
ULF LOHMANN - Falling Down [KOM117, March 2005]

Thoughts, Etcetera February 2007 Quick Mix by Tugboat [33mb, mp3, Dead and Gone]

I would put up a picture but Blogger's being a cunt.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Booka Shade and Michael Mayer at Shine

Photo: Amy Grill

This is almost a month away, but it's sufficiently good news to post now I reckon: the German technoists Booka Shade and Michael Mayer are next month's headliners at Shine, hitting Belshaft on Saturday March 3rd. Having missed Modeselektor on Saturday, this one will be in the diary with large red circles all around it and £20 sellotaped to the page so that I can't throw it away on whatever all the crap is that I always end up wasting my money on.

Nice quote from Mr. Mayer: “The only thing I pre-determine is that I play 4/4. The rest happens by accident. I love the deeper side of music, obviously, but I like it raw and kicking. There has to be some pop too and my sets are very pop influenced: I don’t mix tools for hours, there has to be waves like a pop song. I love records that are structured, that have a beginning/middle/end. It’s the same for any clubnight, there has to be that progression. I love to warm up and take my time to get in to it, to take people with me. At the end I love to play songs and some things you can whistle on the way home.”

Friday, February 02, 2007

January Round-Up

The Internet is friendly. He wants to help you. Either that or he is pointing out some great deals on vIagGgRA and diamonds.

A warm welcome to Unnecessary Feature number 1,525,621.

So January was pretty good huh? No better way to kick off a year than with January, the first month.

Some of the stuff that tickled us nicewise:

1. How dedicated is Diarmaid to the cause? On the very first day of ought-seven he took some time out of the national holiday to blab about TV on the Radio... 01/01/07. More of his 2006 favourites followed after a few days: Click click click - suck my dick.

2. Piaras smacked us around mercilessly for his second ever post with a big stick labelled "contemporary and improv music". 02/01/07

3. Dano just loves Brian Eno. And don't we all? 02/01/07

4. Magoo(o) loves Tobiah's music, apparently. 10/01/07

5. Daniel on his first-name namesake: Daniel Johnston. 11/01/07

6. Sometimes, all Aidan needs is the Air that he listens to. (Also: to love you.) 13/01/07

7. Arise, Sir Jarvis! 14/01/07

8. Diarmaid likes puns as much as me (if not more?) 14/01/07

9. I like Friendly People. 15/01/07

10. Dano played some tunes, mixing them together as he did so. 18/01/07

11. "JUST GIMME INDIE ROCK!" screams Diarmaid, ripping his t-shirt apart. 20/01/07

12. To cap the month off, I spouted my half-baked opinions on partying and closing times before proceeding to party for the better part of 4 days. Yay for me! 25/01/07

And believe it or do your very best to delude yourself into not believing it, but it's February already! I'll give 2007 a 2.007 out of 3.000 so far. It's been pretty solid. Onwards!

Haircut House

Audion is a lot less sinister performing live than I'd imagined (also this is a very rare live techno video in that it doesn't sound like the venue is also a functioning wind tunnel):

Meanwhile: this is very music-nerdy, but hilarious at the same time - not to mention completely true.

EDIT: Please note the title is not meant to imply that I think Audion makes haircut house, obviously.

DOUBLE EDIT: Previews of some recent/upcoming Audion stuff here (third track down - he revisits his uppy-downy "No Fit State" messing here again) and here (first track - absolutely storming) respectively. (Shit. These brackets and hyphens are out of control. I need punctuation lessons.) Also, right now I'm thinking I wish I'd had the £20 or so I'd have needed to stay in Belfast and hit the bad-ass line-up at Shine tomorrow night. I need a job, guys! Oh well, I haven't seen Daithi in the Fubar for a while so that's enough to look forward to...

Thursday, February 01, 2007


I've only just noticed this (although Nialler mentioned it a while back): the RPM Challenge is a concept quite similar to the Crapart Album-a-Day project which we're so fond of over at Shindig. While the Album-a-Day must be written, recorded, produced and so on in a single day, with the RPM Challenge you have a month to work on your masterpiece - however, it has to be this month, February. Those interested can still join. Being back at college, I don't have the time to dedicate to it.

Meanwhile, I don't know why the fuck I didn't get my hands on this until now: I mentioned Belfast-based underground electronic wizard (and all-round nice guy) Filaria before, and in particular the EP he had released on (Dutch? Belgian?) label Bugklinik. Of course stupid old me didn't notice the free Beat Negg EP posted up on Belfast netlabel Acroplane (sister to those hard-working live electronic promoters Diston - Rob Hall last weekend was absolutely bumper). And it's blown me away. The beats have enough of that characteristic braindance messing to, well, to make your brain dance, but are also straight ahead and driving enough to surely kill on the floor too. Stir in the meat of acid bass, season with some subtle, fucked up vocal sampling, and - DAMN! - you got a tasty meal right there motherfucker! (That's probably my worst music review yet - just listen to the damn thing. [Also excuse all the brackets. {This is starting to look like a particularly messy bit of Supercollider code.}])

FILARIA - Belly Cotton [mp3]

Get the whole EP from the Acroplane releases page, and do visit his MySpaz for more tunes.