Monday, January 15, 2007

Under S*

*Think about it.

I listened to some hip hop on the bus up here (Belfast) this evening. I don't know very much hip hop. It was Cannibal Ox. It was the first time I'd listened to hip hop (apart from exposure at Dano's gaff) in an aaaage. It was really class, especially with the orange streetlights and cold concrete of dismal dismal Belfast as a background. El-P's production would melt your brains and balls in one fell swoop. Then I was walking up the road and Justus Köhncke's "Advance" came into my head and I thought, Holy Fuck. What a tune. "Large" says Boomkat. They ain't kidding.

Anyway. Alex Under. I didn't know about his Friendly People moniker until Magoo(o) pointed it out to me, what with his connections and all (21-odd thousand page hits in last month? I'm not surprised (OK, 5000 visits, he informs me, but still.)). Friendly Peoples' Music is Improper EP woomfs, wobbles, clicks and ticks in all the right ways. And even if groove is a terrible descriptor, it grooves. Groove. Think about it. What a word.

No. Groove isn't good enough. It's not even accurate, I don't think. "99.9" flicks and fidgets around, hi-hats owning the show. Yeah, maybe they're upstaged by the other distractions, but take them away and what do you have? Nothing. Building blocks: that's what it's all about. People start too high and mighty - bog-standard rock music (I was sitting beside a long, greasy-haired "real" rock music dude on the bus), they start with high-falutin ideas about emotion and chords and how to make a tune tap into our feelings, and swing their arms around to make the most impact with a really heartfelt D-minor, only to lose their balance and jump off a big cliff into nothing. Alex Under's techno, like all the best music, starts with a solid base and just builds.

FRIENDLY PEOPLE - 99.9 [Apnea] (Get it- and another review - from Boomkat.)

This post brought to you by Stryke Pils - Alc. 5.0% Vol. Serve Chilled. Stryke Pils - The lager of Thoughts, Etcetera.


robvanhalen said...

that was a pretty post tuggington! i had a tear in my eye at the end! ive recently been listening to some hip hop again after almost a year or so off! not any of that anticon buisness, ive lost patience with them. this time derltron, dan the automator and some el-p, like your self! peace!

Tugboat said...


Messy Angelo said...

Here "BUbububuubububbu!"that's the sound of my night and in response to your post it seems apt. bububububube.a// why not?

Tugboat said...

Why not?

Messy Angelo said...

Hmmmm ... Made sense at the time.