Thursday, January 25, 2007

Buried alive

We're getting our rabble of a crowd up to see Jambo Holden in the Stiff Kitten tomorrow night. Over on his webshite he has a neat little "blog" section where the latest post (admittedly it's from a month ago) mentions an interview with the man Burial in Fact Magazine.

That's quite a jumble of links, but do check out Burial's MySpaz, where "Unite" - which doesn't appear on his self-titled album from last year - is a refreshing excuse to stay on a MySpace page longer than five seconds.

Elsewhere this week, there's more love for Burial over at Slow Motion Radio Station. If you don't have the album, get the mp3 that's posted over there quick as you like, and put procuring the album to the top of your priorities (after eating or whatever).


Niall said...

i expect a full report.
He's playing Dublin the next day.. ;)

Tugboat said...

If my head is still in the vicinity of the rest of me on Saturday morning, I'll give it a go.

Niall said...

just a quick thumbs up and a few bandt superlatives will do chap ;)