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Thursday, December 13, 2007

ATP Breakdown

ATP was a resounding success (apart from some combined food poisoning/extreme hangover on Sunday) ... There was plenty of Burger King, random interesting films on the telly, and a few nice folks met at random (too drunk then to remember them now, but they sure seemed like fun at the time ...)

But it was all about the music. While there was some ultra self indulgent tripe (I'm looking in the direction of Team Brick here), it was in general a pretty tight line-up. The best three tunes for my money were as follows:

1. Gonna Break My Heart - Malcolm Middleton
I'd been willing him to play this song all set, and while massive tunes such as No Modest Bear and My Loneliness Shines were excellent, closing with Gonna Break My Heart was just about the perfect send-off from the discontented Scotsman.

2. Closer - Portishead
The new tunes were banging, the old ones almost flawlessly executed (Beth Gibbons missing a verse in the middle of a tune to the amusement of her band mates and the crowd notwithstanding), Portishead were consummate curators of ATP. This song has been an old favourite of mine for the last 10 years, and it didn't disappoint live either.

3. Swordsmen - GZA
Got there late, but even just catching the second half of Liquid Swords was fantastic. The Ws were flying up in the air for this one, even in the face of the disturbingly laid back ATP crowd, which was a mark of it's banging quality.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

#1 In Alabama

This is a then and now with laziness levels worthy of Sky One.

Public Enemy - Harder Than You Think

Public Enemy - Welcome To The Terrordome

Although any single song off 'Fear of a Black Planet' fails to capture the records ear-shredding brilliance, the other above is the clear highlight of their latest record (which they chose to name 'How You Sell Soul to a Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul???' for some gott-damn reason).

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My! Bloody Hell!

This post is behind the times, but hey, I seem to spend large amounts of time examining my laces these days. Hopefully we'll get a chance to catch these guys on their reunion tour because good Irish bands only come around once every...ever.

This is off the 'You Made Me Realise' e.p:

My Bloody Valentine - Cigarette in Your Bed

Monday, December 03, 2007

Just Chillin'

I'm tired and feel awful most of the time these days. Thank fuck for Savath Y Savalas then ...

Tormenta De La Flor.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Takeover The Airwaves

Ever wondered what a hybrid of Robert Pollard (Guided By Voices) and collaborators such as Stephen Malkmus (Pavement), John Moen (The Decemberists) amongst others would sound like, then wonder no more...

Here's a tune by supergroup The Takeovers called I Can See My Dog.

Pretty Not Bad seems an awful understatement for how good this band are... They don't deal in weighty stuff, but the tunes are emminently hummable.

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Japanese Chick Shakes (Japanese Chicks Rock?)

I've been scouring my newly acquired music on my newly acquired PC and I figure I should share On Mani. It's easily the best track off OOIOO (pronouced as each of the letters if you plan on saying it anytime soon) album Kila Kila Kila, which is very much worth checking out if you enjoy spaced out, largely instrumental music. If you're into tracking the links between bands, and the good lord knows I am, the reference point for OOIOO is Yoshimi P-We (lauded in Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, drummer for the Boredoms, part of supergroup Free Kitten etc etc). Now you can play 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon even better than before.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Post With A Point! At Last!

The point alluded to in the title being a teaser of some bands I'll be getting to see on the weekend of the 7th of December in cider country, UK. I'll post up a few mp3s of the bands I'm most jizzed up about seeing ...

A Hawk and A Hacksaw (complete with flashy website) peddle weird extreme Balkan folk tunes, and feature members with such pedigree as Jeremy Barnes (drummer from Neutral Milk Hotel). Here's a hyperactive tune called Fernando's Giampari.

Autolux are signed to a label founded by the Cohen Brothers, so it appears they're as good at music industry shenanigans as they are at film making, given the fact that Autolux are class. Here's a live track called Plantlife performed in Chicago in 2005. It's nervy and, god how I love it, distorted to the max.

And finally there's Francoiz Breut, who seems to be like a French female Tindersticks of some sort ... Here's the pithily titled Il N'y A Pas D'hommes Dans Les Coulisses ...

So it turns out I always post in threes? Huh. That's odd.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

High Art

The finest living artist today, David Shrigley has written an amusing little songbook called worried noodles and got some of the finest offbeat musicians to conjure up the music. Thankfully his taste in music is just as excellent as his art, and those involved include Hot Chip, Max Tundra, Phil Elvrum, David Byrne, Grizzly Bear and Aidan Moffat. It also happens to be hilarious (in a morbid were all going to die kinda way)
Sad Song-Psapp

Also on the subject of art, as I write this, im watching Factory Girl with Sienna Miller and Guy Pierce. Fucking terrible so far.

Holy Fuck, It's A Flying Saucer Attack! Get Andrew Bird, He'll Know What To Do!

3 things I've been digging on recently :

Andrew Bird is a man who needs no introduction from me, being a talented multi-instrumentalist, curious eccentric and all round cool guy, and it's largely because of the concert that I attended of his about a week ago that I'm posting Simple X, a sweet little collaboration with regular cohort Dosh. It's got a fantastic little animation for the live visuals, bizarre little creatures swarming in an alien black and white landscape ...

Flying Saucer Attack (FAQ here) are a much less sweet proposition, in fact they seem downright sullen and unapproachable, but walls of feedback and distortion have been a fetish of mine ever since I wandered across Bardo Pond on a Pavement covers album back in the day and there are few people who so wantonly adorn their songs as with these elements as this Bristol duo. My Dreaming Hill is a shoegazing, post rock mess of the highest calibre. Check out their self titled debut album from '93, it's awash with all sorts of buzzes and gusts of noise, fairly reminiscent of earlier Hood tracks, only more upbeat, or like My Bloody Valentine, only less developed.

Finally, I've recently gotten into Holy Fuck, who quite apart from having a class name are a pretty decent band. Supposedly they wanted to make modern electronic music but without actually using loops etc, whether they've achieved that is a matter of opinion. They're probably better viewed as a pulsating instrumental band, and here's Lovely Allen to give ammunition to the hypothesis. A nod at Lily Allen's general loveliness? Possibly.

Japanese zombie schoolgirls

Top tune this:

The lack of a decent internet connection and time in general has stopped me bangin on about how good the new Buck 65 album is.
Check out this free Buck 65 mix by cutup genius Buddy peace, who as you may remember did that fantastic Warp Records retrospective mix
Situation Mix

Le 65isme / 15 Minutes To Live / Out Of Focus / Pope / Wicked And Weird / Killed By A Horse / TACHICHI & DJ MOVES : 'Head Up' (featuring Buck 65) / Square 4 / Kennedy Killed The Hat / Bandits / Boom Bip : 'The Unthinkable' (featuring Buck 65) / The Centaur / Situation Intro / Weirdo Magnet Track 20 / Riverbed 1 / Out Of Focus / Sounds From The Back Of The Bus / Square 1 / The Rebel [acapella] / Supper At Sundown / Weirdo Magnet Track 1 / Shutterbug / Shutterbug [acapella] / Pants On Fire / Bachelor Of Science / Hot Lunch / Sage Francis : 'Got Up This Morning' [instrumental] / Mr Dibbs : 'Healthy Serving' / Sebutones : 'Tranquilized Tones' / Weirdo Magnet Track 16 / Cop Shades [acapella] / Buck 65 & Kotep Omegatron : 'Fresh Juice' / Sore / Blood Of A Young Wolf / Square 1 / Diesel Treatment / Sebutones : '05 Pros' / Weirdo Magnet Track 9 / You Know The Science / 65 Buick / On All Fours / Drawing Curtains / 463 / Whitebread / Skill Saw / Memories Of The Passed / Way Back When [acapella] / Dirty Work / The Rebel / Way Back When / Lipstick [acapella] / Lipstick / The Centaur [source music] / Square 1 / Wicked And Weird / Heatwave / Heatwave [acapella] / Red To Black / The Beatific / 1957 / Cop Shades / Heatwave [source music] / Whitebread [acapella]

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Don't go to the Ghostland Observatory, you might see these two trannies wankin about ...

I can't decide whether these guys annoy the shit out of me or are infectiously good tunesmiths ...

I'll leave you to decide, with these two tracks from last years Paparazzi Lightning, the fairly Digitalismesque Sad Sad City, the slow burning title track and the more bouyant Vibrate.

You want a fuckin TTC track too maybe? It's got Busdriver and Radioinactive on it ... got seriously into these lads of late, Tuggers having played them for me all of 2 years ago.

Check out the dumb fucking audience ... they could be giving it a bit more enthusiasm.

Monday, October 29, 2007

When You Look This Good, You Sound Great.

I've been posting old songs lately, so this had to come around eventually.

Brinsley Schwarz were a 1970s English pub rock band (according to Wikipedia) who were supposed to be the next The Band until they blew their big shot in New York City, or something like that. Sad really.

Brinsley Schwarz - Silver Pistol
A big thanks to (former?) contributor Fionn for introducing me to this.

Monday, October 22, 2007

L is for Lets, O is for Often, V is for Vex and E is for Everyone

Love have been played a lot recently in our gaff, and I'll be honest, I really, unashamedly like this tune...

That's really all there is to say on this one.

Alone Again Or - Love

Friday, October 19, 2007

Need Specials Children?

Yes I know, that is the worst headline ever.

Anyway, we were talking about the Specials very briefly the other night which loosely justifies the posting of this languid classic, a tune that ably illustrates the hit side of their rather hit-and-miss nature.
(I'll just leave the other half.)

The Specials - It Doesn't Make It Alright

It's nice to post nice songs.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It Just Is

Soul kids, lost classics and some Otis.

The Quantrells - Can't Let You Break My Heart

Pieces of Peace - I Still Care

Otis Redding - Security

I hate megaupload too.

I love you THIS much ...

I was as surprised as anyone when Rob Da Bank became Radio 1's equivalent of a John Peel replacement, but he's sponsored some fairly good Peel Session type recordings, and one in particular was TV on the Radio, who did hits like Tonight and Wolf Like Me. Wolf Like Me benefited the most from a live band makeover, being a rock type song to begin with.

His Rob Da Bank & Friends show is starting again on the 15th of October on Radio 1, so keep your ears peeled, there's bound to be a gem or two unearthed during the course of the series.

As for TVOTR news ... there is none. Not a single, solitary bit of new news.

Anyway, have Wolf Like Me - TV On The Radio ... it's raucous.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Sunset Rubdown, the name is in the pictures, no?

I've had this tune playing in my head for a while, it's from Sunset Rubdown's latest effort, Random Spirit Lover.

Anyway, background to Sunset Rubdown is that they're yet another vehicle for prolific indie rock auteur Spencer Krug (see Wolf Parade among others) and they trade in the same sort of hyperactive, slightly chaotic and charming tunes that he usually purveys and that I routinely twat myself over ...

The Mending of the Gown - Sunset Rubdown ... it's a tune. (I included the link to the band's home page, but it's probably no use to you or anyone you know unless they're based in North America, since they don't seem to be planning any European tours, but anyway, it's got some nice photos and things of that nature ...)

Pitchfork love these guys.

Must be a coupla months since anyone mentioned Pitchfork round here ...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Internet is Eating Itself

I'm not the first person to say this, and I surely won't be the last, but doesn't it seem like any time people get something with the potential to be amazing and creative, all we end up with is parodies and pratfalls?

Anyway, youtube users being the main offenders right now, I thought that selection would prove a slice of my point.

Soon enough I'll be back on the net when my lappy is fixed (promises made concerning activities to be completed once lappy is fixed - 30 give or take), adding my croaky voice to the choir of eejits offering opinions no-one ever asked for. So we have that to look forward to.

CHOCOLATE RAIN IS NOT THAT FUCKING FUNNY. Though if I'm being honest, I actually really like the 8 bit remix of chocolate rain ... Plus there is one pretty funny ad where this dude has it as his ringtone, but I didn't put that up cos I thought it would ruin my point.

Monday, September 10, 2007

HEY NEAT!: celebrating 9 years of Daithi's disco

the shindig crew circa 2005, busting nuts on the floor

Okay, for me its only been 6 years of attending Daithi's weekly parties at the Orchard, but I remember fondly the feeling of being off my head as a wee juck of 15, scared that at any moment the bouncers would chuck me out whilst jumping around like a loon to, well, Jump around.
anyways,Im a bit rubbish at waxing nostalgic at this sort of thing so I direct you to Daithi's essay on the matter

Till friday chap's, pack the Pro-Plus, it's gonna be a huge one.
Kalabrese-Auf Dem Hof

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hot summer Joint

This has been my summer jam for a while now

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Monday Night Just Keeps on Rolling

I finally got around to deleting an old blog that I hadn't updated in half a year today, which shows wonderful levels of both laziness and absent-mindedness, and in looking back at what few posts I managed to publish it was striking that almost a quarter of them related to múm , an Icelandic electronic group whose soft beats and nonsensical lyrics soundtracked a large portion of my year. Coincidentally, a track off their next album, the first without former vocalist and Belle and Sebastian covergirl Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir, has surfaced and is available here courtesy of Pitchfork. New album "go go smear the poison ivy" is out 24/09/07 and will hopefully be everything that it's predecessor wasn't. Their first two albums are instantly loveable records though and well worthy of anyone's time.

múm - Dancing Behind My Eyelids

Monday, June 25, 2007


I remember back when I had a social life, though it now seems an age ago, and an age away again. Now the summer life, which I once looked forward to so much as a break from the monotony of school life has inverted, consists mostly of work and is entirely devoid of any semblance of a social or recreational aspect or interaction with any human that has a c.d. collection that doesn't scream 'I am fourteen'. Despite of / because of this I've been listening to many a dancey tune and have a serious urge to hit a floor at some point in the foreseeable future.
If I have a point, it's that sometimes it's easy to get into a rut of average or poor nights out that result in little more than formulated fun, partly because of the nonsensical perception of a dearth of alternatives. Maybe a break is actually a good thing, in a way. Maybe.
Rant over.
The afore-mentioned gently - dancey tunes are plentiful and often quality these days. The new Justice album and mix are top, top banana. However, though It's the Beat's apperance amongst the teenagers remixes is wonderful, Simian Mobile Disco's album isn't really to my taste, at least on first listen. Hot Chip have updated their myspace too.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Monday, June 18, 2007


not the official video, but dope as hell.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

El-p on Conan

Monday, June 04, 2007


Don't they look excited?
I haven't gotten properly excited about a band in a pretty long time now so I'm pleased to report that these bunch of Germans manage to push all my buttons at once with some kind of large novelty hand. They've been churning out the hits since the mid-nineties knocking up six albums in total, here I present selections from their most recent pair of albums. For me this is music with no corners for when you're feeling a little cinematic, this kind of a cinematic rather than this kind of a cinematic. There are shades of the Dirty Three on micro-chips or micro-dots, maybe both, floating around in there and lots of other niceties too. There's just a kind of liquid quality to this music that i really really like, that and the spiraling sax playing.

Kammerflimmer Kollektief -Lichterloh [2005]

Kammerflimmer Kollektief -Hausen [2005]

Kammerflimmer Kollektief -Live at the Cactus Tree Motel[2007]

Also this tune I've been meaning to put up for a long time as I think it's such a great song on an album which seems at times to be the musical equivalent of a toilet. (Thats probably harsh and unfair)

Diane Cluck -Diamonds[2006]

[note: MegaUpload is being a bit persnickety but just persist I'm told]

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The subtle art of the break up song

Subtle covering the great prayer to god by shellac.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's the Return of the Mc (... Caffrey)

So, it's been a seriously long while since I've posted anything at all on the ould Thoughts Etc, so I figured I'd hit you up with a combo sampler of what is currently gracing my dvd/cd playing contraption in my sweaty hovel in Shanowen...

Due to a recent cash surplus and common sense deficit, I've been hurling money at cds and such, leading to a sharp rise in sexy music and a sharp decline in the aforementioned surplus cash in my life. One of the first cds I bought was Remain in Light by the brilliant Talking Heads, and the first track I'm putting up is an edgy slice of paranoid funk (stock music journalist phrases for dealing with the Heads but accurate nonetheless) called Born Under Punches ... it's epic and taut. The kind of funk you might play to get your nerdy friends to accept that they may one day dance their holes off when completely hammered.

The song I acquired was from the new joint by Alan Sparhawk and co. They've ditched Zak whatshisname and gone in a new, minimalistic but electronically tinged direction but it really works quite well. You might say they've gone to a whole new Low. Anyway, awful jokes aside, Hatchet is a catchy tune. Soft insistent drums, abrupt guitar strums and the trademark Low harmonisation... magic.

I bought the Glow Pt 2 by the Microphones and decided the best song I could put up was the Glow Pt 2, a song Tuggers lobbed on a tape (R.I.P. mix tape culture, you were so very beautiful) for me years and years ago, blew my mind then and rocks my pants still.

€4.00! That's all I can say about this collection of Otis Redding love songs that I got in Tesco. Worth the price for (Your Love is Lifting Me) Higher & Higher alone. I can't even remember the version that's on the Ghostbusters soundtrack anymore. Watch out for the Benny Hill trumpets, they're a sight/sound to behold/behear.

Even cheaper still was The Magic of Brass, here's the boyos version of a Paul Simon classic ... see if you can tell what song it is.

Well that's a few choice slices of what I'm thinking about, etceterally. Enjoy. And go buy the records, you scummy freeloading students.

Smokey and the Bandit was in Tesco for €4.95, in case you're wondering about the picture there at the top.

It is a cinema classic on a par with citizen kane.

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

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North American Fun

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Shindig Nights:april 2007

Shindig Nights: April 2007- KickAcid
A short mix this time, was mainly just to mess about on ableton with a breaks pack that gooch sent us (cheers!).
A few stone cold stompers in there though!

runningup that hill-Kate Bush
heartbreaker-teriyaki boyz
Mr Frosty-Mike & Rich
Legend of Zelda theme-koji kondo
samba legrand-Daedelus
steppin' out-Joe Jackson

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Okey dokey

Great video for the new Shitdisco single "OK".

Monday, April 16, 2007

Sweet Retro Lovin'

I've an essay to do and i've been up for an offensive amount of time now and, now that I'm nice and delerious, I've decided that this is the perfect time for a post that I've been meaning to get around to for a couple of weeks now. Instead of bothering to bring you something new, here's a few of my new favourite oldies, if you will.
Al Green is Al Green, and thus fabulous, and L.O.V.E. has been my favourite of his songs ever since I picked up the Orange Juice cover on holidays, Burt Bacharach's songwriting skills are shown off perfectly in 'Make It Easy On Yourself' and finally, but most importantly, the Jackson 5 did have one moment which matched the great 'Want You Back', and it's this little stomper, probably my favourite three and a half minutes of the 70's. Each one solid gold.

Al Green - L.O.V.E.

The Walker Brothers - Make It Easy On Yourself

Jackson 5 - The Love You Save

Saturday, April 14, 2007

You look like you get your music news from pitchfork

Pitchfork Media is all about these guys at the moment (did I really need to hotlink to Pitchfork). I picked up the album coz of their comparisons to Arab Strap, but I find them to be more like Explosions in the Sky with a scotsman yelping fine malt lyrics over the noise.
Anywayz, their fine debut album, Fourteen albums and Fifteen winters, on Fatcat records is shoegazing in all fine record stores across the nation now.
The Twilight Sad-Talking with fireworks/Here it never snowed

Monday, April 09, 2007

Fuck the internet,

at this rate, no work will get done.
The Microphones-The Pull

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sound of Summer

the past few days have been lovely. out of nowhere elements of the summer have crept back up on us (maybe it was when the clocks went forward [back?]...) and has brought a massive twinge of smiles and laughs with it, and an even massiver inability to even think about doing any work.
the best part about all of this, though, is the difference hot tunez have on you when the sun is shining. just the right track, up totally loud, obv, with the sun blasting onto your face and a cold beer in hand, it really is a beautiful thing.

with all of that stuff in mind, here are a few tracks that I hope will totally fill you with joy, categorised to make that easy day even easier.

ooooooooooooooooooooo yea......h......

Grovesnor - Night Moves

Opening track from the new Hot Chip DJ Kicks, hit this one when you've been drinking all day and there's that 6:30-8
weary kind of slump where everyone has a wee yawn. If you can time it so that when the piano and beat kick in just as the sun disappears, everyone will appreciate it.

Digitalism - Pogo

This track has been pleasing me for about two weeks now, a strange step for Digitalism but it stands on it's own all the same. I guess it work best in the hottest part of the day, at an evening barbeque or, in the heat of the party.

Lo Fi FNK - City

Not too new or frrresh off the market, but a perfect summer track all the same. I reckon anything by the FNK boys would do the trick.

Miami Horror - Don't Be On With Her

Who takes themselves srsly these days? Especially not Miami Horror, you can hear the fun that went into this track, and it comes right out your speakers.

Clinic - Distortions

I recently got back into Clinic out of nowhere when I was drinking and wanted to hear 'The Second Line'. I forgot how good Internal Wrangler was so I picked it up and everything I remember about Distortions, has stood the test of time. Another sunset serenade, make it count.

I am officially marking today my personal start of the summer, and I have a good feeling about it...

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Let's Play D.J.

There seems to be a lot of remix action taking place around the internet these days, including LCD Soundsystem's new album getting a makeover and Explosions in the Sky being touched up by Four Tet. (Yes, I'm aware that I said 'touched up'). Elswewhere, Spank Rock take on CSS and my favourite song from Thom Yorke's solo album gets tranformed into something much stranger, all with varying results.
Don't you just love the Hype Machine?!

'ave it

really looking forward to this, It's Shane Meadows new film This is England, the "best british film since Trainspotting" according to Vice

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

They're just blogging, y'know?

A few people we know have pushed the quotient of Donegal-born bloggers up a few notches: visit Greaht Lalhagger for music, films and whatnot, and check out The Bad Thing for a diverse range of music and plenty original fiction.

And not forgetting Daithi, who carries on with his Donegal culture/random YouTube blog, and Magooo (with his subsidiary site magoootv), who of course posts here now and then and is now famous!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Dear Tugboat

I hope you get your project done in time,
There's a moon out tonight-The Capri's

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Get It While You Can

Low have a new album, titled Drums and Guns, on the way (released 2nd April here), and as we've come to expect from them, it is a beautiful piece of work. Perhaps unexpectedly, it introduces more of what you could call in Low's case "experimental" production techniques than any of their previous material - looping, electronic drums etc. - yet as ever, the stark, haunting vocal melodies and harmonies are the focus of attention. One of the album highlights, "Breaker", is available here. Also on the album is a new version of 2003 single "Murderer", one of their most powerful pieces of work.

LOW - "Murderer" [Vinyl Films, 2003]

A lovely tearjerking bit of soul today too from the dapper man up above there:

HOWARD TATE - Get It While You Can [Mercury, 1995 (reissue)]

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Leaky breaks

New Sage Francis album, Human the death dance, out may 8th and its his best since the Joe beat collab Hope
Sage Francis-Woke up this morning (Production by Buck 65)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Retro Candy

I recently found the contents of my late iPod buried deep in the viscera of my laptop and have since then been indulging in some giddy re-acquaintance. I've also reversed my opinions on nostalgia being no good as an impetus for seeking out tunes because it actually is pretty good fun.

First on my list is a hot little ditty from a guy who never much sought any kind of spotlight but nevertheless makes some of the finest country blues going. For whatever reasons if you've not been hearing much guitar music in the last while, cast your worries to one side because this guy is smoking (as well as being quite the wordsmith):

Paul Curreri: Spirit of the Staircase.

Next is one to whet the appetite for what, should it be released this year, could be one of the most exciting albums of the year. All reports from recent Jape shows have been astoundingly positive. After the last album winning undoubtedly the most coveted and prestigious award in the music world (R.T.E. Guide Album Of The Year or R.T.E.G.A.O.T.Y for short) it would bode well for another cracking album from the diminutive Mr. Egan himself.

Jape: Reminding Me

Last tune in this musical reach-around is from the Silver Jews about which no words can I quite think to write that might do any real justice to my feelings about them.

Silver Jews: I Remember Me

Time to move on then.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

February Round-Up

Quiet month guys, sorry...

1. A bit of Belfast's Filaria here.

2. A brief chat about Audion here.

3. A drunk mix I've since decided to take down.

4. Dano on his beloved 'Strap.

5. Brian on Andrew Bird.

6. Diarmo loves Explosions in the Sky.

7. And Brian with some titbits from the Science of Sleep soundtrack.

And that was it... March is here! Let's TURN THAT MOTHER OUT!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


A few of us went to see Michel Gondry's latest film the science of sleep a couple of nights ago and were suitably astounded(!). It's both written and directed by Gondry this time and he more than delivers on both fronts(it ain't just about the visuals).

Heres a short clip:

The original music for the film was done by a man called Jean Michel Bernard
and seeing as this is primarily a music blog here are some choice cuts from the ost(which is also great, obviously):

Jean Michel Bernard - Generique Stephane

Dick Annegarn - Coutances

Gael Garcia Bernal and co. - If you rescue me (chanson des chats)

that last one as far as I know is a velvet underground cover(especially for Daithi).

I you get a chance go see it!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

All of a Sudden We're on Conan O Brien Everyone!

A number of recent run ins with Explosions in the Sky's music at somewhat unexpected times (on Conan etc.) lead me to acquire their latest album ... and it's a banger, in so far as glacial and majestic music can be. I am the resident lover of post rock (Piaras knows and loves it more maybe, but I got there first and declared my residency so I get to be resident), so I feel obliged to share this lovely morsel of post rock luncheon meat off the new album, All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone. The tune is the arcing and glorious The Birth & Death of The Day, and it makes me want to curl up in front of their amps and let them explode my eardrums with sexy...


Plus they're playing All Tomorrow's Parties vs. the Fans, and as a ticket holder to said event I am damnably happy.

Friday, February 16, 2007

"Some Herbert's Touching Up Your Bird"

Via Earplug: definitely worth a few of your minutes is this short documentary on Matthew Herbert by Cool Hunting. It shows Herbert gathering drum sounds for his Scale album in the sea, a cave, a car and a hot air balloon (!) - see his Personal Contract For The Composition Of Music for more behind this painstaking approach to music production.

(There's more where this came from on YouToob.)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Andrew Birdman Attorney at Law

wow andrew bird is playing three irish dates on his impending tour, in the crawdaddy twice and the roisin dubh galway not sure which one to go to I may still be able to get a ticket for joanna newsom but I actually think I'd rather see this guy it would probably make for a more interesting show, he's mad talented check this video:

Monday, February 12, 2007

Post-strap report

Well Aidan Moffat and Malcolm Middleton's previous guise Arab Strap may have called it a day as Duo last year, but both seem to be prolific as ever with individual musical projects.
Malcolm's supporting Badly drawn boy tonight in the Mandela Hall Belfast in anticipation of His new album A Brighter Beat on his new label Full Time Hobby due Feburary 26th.
Aidan on the other hand sees the release of his third album under the guise of L.Pierre (formally Lucky) today on the excellent Melodic Label.
Also due this year from Aidan is a spoken word album called I can hear your heart on Chemical underground
Moffat also has a new band in the works called Aidan Moffat and the best of's with an album due next year.
Both Aidan and Malcolm contribute to Ballads of the Book, a collabrative album of various contemporary scottish musicians including
Aerogramme, James Yorkston, Sons And Daughters, King Creosote and the rather good De rosa. Its a bit like that reindeer section album except instead of being curated by that cunt Gary Lightbody, its that Fuzzy haired cunt from Idlewild.
Have a listen:

Malcolm Middleton-Four Cigarettes from A Brighter Beat
L.Pierre-Hike from Dip
Aidan Moffat and the Best Of's-The Sixth Stone from Ballads of the book
Aidan John Moffat-The Boy You Love from I can hear your heart

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Everyone's a DJ and Everyone's a Journalist

Here is a quick mix of a couple of tunes I learned to "DJ" with on Ableton Live: two old and two new; three techno and one ambient; one American, one Irish and two German.

AUDION - I Gave You Away [SPC-40, February 2007]
DONNACHA COSTELLO - No Matter What I Do [MIN019, August 2005]
AXEL BARTSCH - Shifting [KOMEX41, October 2006]
ULF LOHMANN - Falling Down [KOM117, March 2005]

Thoughts, Etcetera February 2007 Quick Mix by Tugboat [33mb, mp3, Dead and Gone]

I would put up a picture but Blogger's being a cunt.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Booka Shade and Michael Mayer at Shine

Photo: Amy Grill

This is almost a month away, but it's sufficiently good news to post now I reckon: the German technoists Booka Shade and Michael Mayer are next month's headliners at Shine, hitting Belshaft on Saturday March 3rd. Having missed Modeselektor on Saturday, this one will be in the diary with large red circles all around it and £20 sellotaped to the page so that I can't throw it away on whatever all the crap is that I always end up wasting my money on.

Nice quote from Mr. Mayer: “The only thing I pre-determine is that I play 4/4. The rest happens by accident. I love the deeper side of music, obviously, but I like it raw and kicking. There has to be some pop too and my sets are very pop influenced: I don’t mix tools for hours, there has to be waves like a pop song. I love records that are structured, that have a beginning/middle/end. It’s the same for any clubnight, there has to be that progression. I love to warm up and take my time to get in to it, to take people with me. At the end I love to play songs and some things you can whistle on the way home.”

Friday, February 02, 2007

January Round-Up

The Internet is friendly. He wants to help you. Either that or he is pointing out some great deals on vIagGgRA and diamonds.

A warm welcome to Unnecessary Feature number 1,525,621.

So January was pretty good huh? No better way to kick off a year than with January, the first month.

Some of the stuff that tickled us nicewise:

1. How dedicated is Diarmaid to the cause? On the very first day of ought-seven he took some time out of the national holiday to blab about TV on the Radio... 01/01/07. More of his 2006 favourites followed after a few days: Click click click - suck my dick.

2. Piaras smacked us around mercilessly for his second ever post with a big stick labelled "contemporary and improv music". 02/01/07

3. Dano just loves Brian Eno. And don't we all? 02/01/07

4. Magoo(o) loves Tobiah's music, apparently. 10/01/07

5. Daniel on his first-name namesake: Daniel Johnston. 11/01/07

6. Sometimes, all Aidan needs is the Air that he listens to. (Also: to love you.) 13/01/07

7. Arise, Sir Jarvis! 14/01/07

8. Diarmaid likes puns as much as me (if not more?) 14/01/07

9. I like Friendly People. 15/01/07

10. Dano played some tunes, mixing them together as he did so. 18/01/07

11. "JUST GIMME INDIE ROCK!" screams Diarmaid, ripping his t-shirt apart. 20/01/07

12. To cap the month off, I spouted my half-baked opinions on partying and closing times before proceeding to party for the better part of 4 days. Yay for me! 25/01/07

And believe it or do your very best to delude yourself into not believing it, but it's February already! I'll give 2007 a 2.007 out of 3.000 so far. It's been pretty solid. Onwards!

Haircut House

Audion is a lot less sinister performing live than I'd imagined (also this is a very rare live techno video in that it doesn't sound like the venue is also a functioning wind tunnel):

Meanwhile: this is very music-nerdy, but hilarious at the same time - not to mention completely true.

EDIT: Please note the title is not meant to imply that I think Audion makes haircut house, obviously.

DOUBLE EDIT: Previews of some recent/upcoming Audion stuff here (third track down - he revisits his uppy-downy "No Fit State" messing here again) and here (first track - absolutely storming) respectively. (Shit. These brackets and hyphens are out of control. I need punctuation lessons.) Also, right now I'm thinking I wish I'd had the £20 or so I'd have needed to stay in Belfast and hit the bad-ass line-up at Shine tomorrow night. I need a job, guys! Oh well, I haven't seen Daithi in the Fubar for a while so that's enough to look forward to...

Thursday, February 01, 2007


I've only just noticed this (although Nialler mentioned it a while back): the RPM Challenge is a concept quite similar to the Crapart Album-a-Day project which we're so fond of over at Shindig. While the Album-a-Day must be written, recorded, produced and so on in a single day, with the RPM Challenge you have a month to work on your masterpiece - however, it has to be this month, February. Those interested can still join. Being back at college, I don't have the time to dedicate to it.

Meanwhile, I don't know why the fuck I didn't get my hands on this until now: I mentioned Belfast-based underground electronic wizard (and all-round nice guy) Filaria before, and in particular the EP he had released on (Dutch? Belgian?) label Bugklinik. Of course stupid old me didn't notice the free Beat Negg EP posted up on Belfast netlabel Acroplane (sister to those hard-working live electronic promoters Diston - Rob Hall last weekend was absolutely bumper). And it's blown me away. The beats have enough of that characteristic braindance messing to, well, to make your brain dance, but are also straight ahead and driving enough to surely kill on the floor too. Stir in the meat of acid bass, season with some subtle, fucked up vocal sampling, and - DAMN! - you got a tasty meal right there motherfucker! (That's probably my worst music review yet - just listen to the damn thing. [Also excuse all the brackets. {This is starting to look like a particularly messy bit of Supercollider code.}])

FILARIA - Belly Cotton [mp3]

Get the whole EP from the Acroplane releases page, and do visit his MySpaz for more tunes.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Scene Unseen

Philip Sherburne's current Month in Techno column makes me long for clubbing proper-style again. "One crucial difference between English and German attitudes toward rave. The Brits are showing up, freshly scrubbed, for another go at yesterday's party - one the Germans, by and large, never left."

When we were there during the summer, we got out of Berlin's Club Maria at around 9 in the morning (after a Wednesday night out!) - only to be greeted by some friendly locals asking us if we wanted to hit another club which had just kicked off for the day. We would actually have gone if we didn't have to go back to the hostel and pack for the journey on to Amsterdam.

When we go see James Holden in Belfast tomorrow night, we'll be turfed out around 2am. With the exception of the few places that took advantage of the extended licensing laws (mostly big clubs like Fabric and the like), the UK is worse than Ireland for longevity on nights out, and Northern Ireland is much worse than the UK generally: people are already trounced by 9 in the evening, and nights peak around midnight. But with the general public here and in Britain being used to getting trashed to go out, and going out to get trashed, I don't think our societies could handle 24-hour partying anyway.

Buried alive

We're getting our rabble of a crowd up to see Jambo Holden in the Stiff Kitten tomorrow night. Over on his webshite he has a neat little "blog" section where the latest post (admittedly it's from a month ago) mentions an interview with the man Burial in Fact Magazine.

That's quite a jumble of links, but do check out Burial's MySpaz, where "Unite" - which doesn't appear on his self-titled album from last year - is a refreshing excuse to stay on a MySpace page longer than five seconds.

Elsewhere this week, there's more love for Burial over at Slow Motion Radio Station. If you don't have the album, get the mp3 that's posted over there quick as you like, and put procuring the album to the top of your priorities (after eating or whatever).

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Broken But Brilliant

I was searching through my music collection recently (on my 'puter) and I ran into some Broken Social Scene tracks that I thought I should share ... BSS's densely layered catchy tunes are an uplifting part of my regular listening. One tune in particular is a version of Major Label Debut which they perform live. It's much faster than the original and is probably one of the only pieces of music I've heard live that I've thought "I'm going to shit pure joy" ... then they played Ibi Dreams of Pavement, which caused me to tear my shirt off. They certainly rocked my pants all three times I saw them in concert last year. Also Canada Vs. America from the bonus EP released with their self titled 05 cracker of an album is a track worth having, it's thick and creamy with layers and layers of sonic deliciousness.

Broken Social Scene - Major Label Debut (Fast)

Broken Social Scene - Canada Vs. America

I think Canada would win if it's a debate about the merits of their respective countries.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Fun With Knobs 2:Knob Harder

Picture by Kathy
Another Ableton mix I made today.
I had alot of fun with this, more beat matching mishaps.
KickAcid Live-Fun with knobs 2:Knob Harder

Quite Spectacular-Hint
Methods-Charizma and penut butter wolf
There's An Oil Tanker Named Gondoleeza Rice-1 speed bike
Juicy-Notorious BIG
Sweet Jane-the velvet underground
hey ladies-beastie boys/hypnotize-notorious BIG
dreadlock holiday-10cc
I want more-CAN
short circut-daft punk
raspberry beret (12" version)-prince
I hate T-shirts that say 1977-L.Pierre & Notes
Halloween theme-Ben Tramer
Scorpio-Death in Vegas
Groove armada-At the river (the mix goes a bit tits up here)
Sacre Francis-Dimitri from paris
the big ship-Brian Eno

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Spot on

Spot fucking on. We can all do better.

Monday, January 15, 2007

January Mix

Heres a Mix I made this morning on Ableton live.
Nothing Really Special, theres a few wee mistakes in there, but I thought id throw it up since i recorded it.

Shindig Nights Vol.3:KickAcid-Fun With Knobs

Under S*

*Think about it.

I listened to some hip hop on the bus up here (Belfast) this evening. I don't know very much hip hop. It was Cannibal Ox. It was the first time I'd listened to hip hop (apart from exposure at Dano's gaff) in an aaaage. It was really class, especially with the orange streetlights and cold concrete of dismal dismal Belfast as a background. El-P's production would melt your brains and balls in one fell swoop. Then I was walking up the road and Justus Köhncke's "Advance" came into my head and I thought, Holy Fuck. What a tune. "Large" says Boomkat. They ain't kidding.

Anyway. Alex Under. I didn't know about his Friendly People moniker until Magoo(o) pointed it out to me, what with his connections and all (21-odd thousand page hits in last month? I'm not surprised (OK, 5000 visits, he informs me, but still.)). Friendly Peoples' Music is Improper EP woomfs, wobbles, clicks and ticks in all the right ways. And even if groove is a terrible descriptor, it grooves. Groove. Think about it. What a word.

No. Groove isn't good enough. It's not even accurate, I don't think. "99.9" flicks and fidgets around, hi-hats owning the show. Yeah, maybe they're upstaged by the other distractions, but take them away and what do you have? Nothing. Building blocks: that's what it's all about. People start too high and mighty - bog-standard rock music (I was sitting beside a long, greasy-haired "real" rock music dude on the bus), they start with high-falutin ideas about emotion and chords and how to make a tune tap into our feelings, and swing their arms around to make the most impact with a really heartfelt D-minor, only to lose their balance and jump off a big cliff into nothing. Alex Under's techno, like all the best music, starts with a solid base and just builds.

FRIENDLY PEOPLE - 99.9 [Apnea] (Get it- and another review - from Boomkat.)

This post brought to you by Stryke Pils - Alc. 5.0% Vol. Serve Chilled. Stryke Pils - The lager of Thoughts, Etcetera.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

STOP! In the name of MOTION!

This is probably not exactly me breaking any incredible news, since it looks like something that's probably already an internet phenomena (it's got over 2 million views on youtube), but here is an incredible piece of stop animation shot by two guys from Massachusetts called Paul Cummings & Tony Fiandaca.Stop motion animation is something I wish I had the talent, equipment and patience for ... They really did jump a million times and a combination of photos and stills extracted from footage were used according to Tony on youtube, recorded over weekends and in spare time. That is what I call a labour of love.

The guy who did the music (one Christopher Lee Donovan) is also a multitalented graphic designer. His stuff isn't my kind of stuff, but you gotta respect talent I guess ...

Im Alan Fucking Sugar

As I mentioned before, I really the dig The Jarvis Cocker Record
Check out this well Jackson Video for the latest single Dont Let him Waste Your Time