Saturday, December 16, 2006

Rogue Wave

Until I get my own laptop and internet access back, most of my posts are going to be just like this one here: unfocused, not at all in touch with current music and generally poorly thought out. Anyway, what I wanted to show all y'all was a track by Rogue Wave, a band I heard a big buzz about at the start of this year but only really got around to checking them out now. As near as I can call it they sound similar to some of the more chilled out and poppy Sebadoh stuff, also a bit like Built to Spill too (I hear touches of Neutral Milk Hotel and the Apples in Stereo too, really this is just an excuse to be a hipster fag and then go even more hipster faggy by making fun of the fact that I'm a hipster fag and then again become more self consciously self effacing in an endless spiral). Anyway, if either of those bands tickles your fancy, you'd probably like Rogue Wave, even if not why not give them a chance anyway? Go on, here's two tracks to get you rolling...

Nourishment Nation - Rogue Wave
Endless Shovel - Rogue Wave

Case in point, I didn't even get the tracks off their latest album (Descended Like Vultures) but anyway, the first album (Out of the Shadow) is very much worth checking out anyway. Their website is pretty nifty too, plenty of audio and a neatly presented gallery.

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Tugboat said...

A tune called Endless Shovel had to be good!