Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Rex The Dog - Prototype

i really love this fucking song, ive been waiting ages for someone to post it up on youtube. rex the dog is supposed to be some big shot producer from london in disguise, putting stuff out on kompakt. so far ive loved it all except the knife tune (heartbeats) he remixed, but what the fuck, who cares, remixing stuff is generally for peados anyway. the video is really cool too. youse should all check out his website, its funny and different. google it or something, i dont know how to link stuff, for fuck sakes. anyway im off to lie to myself about my dissertation.


magooo said...
just reading about him, it's a guy called jake williams. produced that old dance track "son of a gun" when he was 16 and used to be part of planet perfecto 'parantly.
i recognise the video from somewhere. deklin?

maximise was out this year and is also a stomper:

dkln said...

yeah i linked that video as one of the best of 05 on PCF as far as i know. Rex The Dog is quality, Maximize is a stompin tune...