Friday, December 15, 2006

meandering nostalgia rant

i just had a wierd flash back, to when i was fifteen or sixteen and i first met daithi (i doubt he remembers this) it was in universal records, i was spending my first ever pay cheque on some fine ass punk rock, he said something about the dwarves! anyway tenious link i bought the entire vinyl back catologue of this band around that time. lcd soundsystem do a cover of their song yeah! i recently gave away the whole back catalogue to some dude with dreadlocks. i really wish i hadnt done that, not that i would ever listen to this depressing shit ever again, but its probably worth a bit of money to some japanese fruit or something. late night rant over!
for fuck sake can we get pissed soon ive never posted so much. i am BORED!


KickAcid said...

im incredibly hingover/still drunk.
and today is possibly the most important day of the year in college.
we have an exhibition and are presenting ideas to the belfast council.
i want sleep.

robvanhalen said...

jesus go buy some weak speed. or even just red bull!
thats disgusting, belfast city council, what will they think of next.

Daithi said...

quality. one day YOU will want to listen to this again. Trust me I'm old and I'm nostalgic for this shit. God help me. Oh there is no God I just remembered. Course I took a lot of bad drugs back then Anything really that would alter a mood. Might explain a LOT of my musical choices actually. And the girlfriends I had then. Drugs can be the only excuse for my girlfriends. Well drugs and easy sex.

robvanhalen said...

ah drugs. and bad girlfriends. the mould to the sandwich that is my life. anyway cheers for what ever musical advice you gave me on that faithful day (must be about six or seven years ago now daithi) i cant remember what it was. and thanks for the TRIP down memory lane. see you in the fubar over christmas shurly.