Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Internet Addiction Disorder

Between playing Stick Cricket, browsing the Achewood archives, enjoying the Cook's & Bomb'd Comedy Tumbleweed Awards 2006 (warning: they will probably slate a lot of shows you might like, but are pretty much always spot on with their criticism), wasting my time on Bebo, clicking all over Wikipedia and doing a tiny amount of amateurish programming in Max, I've found some really good music on the Internet today/yesterday.

1. Presumably you've already seen it, but Pitchfork have a load of MP3s up as part of their 100 Top Tracks of the year list. Saunter over and let your computer chips do the work. They also have their Top 50 Albums out today (yesterday by the time you read this probably).

Brian & Baxter: Kinnego Flux

2. Filaria, aka David Baxter, aka one half of Kinnego Flux along with Brian Greene (aka two people who do the same course as I do only apparently apply themselves a lot more to actual music-making) has an EP out for the past while on Bugklinik. It's too late at night, so the blurb explains better than me: ...dub, IDM and jungle get mixed into an unique blend, delivered on a fresh 12". Cheque it out: generous 2-minute previews here (including a remix of "No Limit"! A wee bit genius methinks). Kinnego Flux are playing in Smellfast this Friday if anyone happens to be around - don't think I will be unfortunately.

3. Fanny Magnate, my new favourite blog with a funny name, has a 15-minute podcast well worth having a listen at: ...balkan brass, balinese gamelan and minimal techno all interspliced with snippets of local radio science. What could be better?

4. OK, well this is a little strange, but just about an hour ago I went to visit the really excellent ohmygoshparty to find a host of fucking lethal tunes and between now and then they've apparently thrown in the towel. It's hard to keep up with this fast-moving internet business.

EDIT: I did have a tune up here, but I think I know why they quit now.

5. Finally, current favourite scotsman Alex Smoke has made a fine fine remix of Steve Reich's "Proverb" for this set of remixes. A minimal techno reworking of the minimal classical godfather. Nab it at 2 Many Scenes.


Messy Angelo said...

I assume you understood these kind of statements would come what with your disclaimer and all, but I would go so far as to say that not only is the cookd and bomnd comedy award not 100% in all it's criticisms, it's curmudgeonly to the point of self parody on a lot of issues. Comedy isn't in quite as an atrocious state as they point out, and if you can name any one year in which there were significantly more funny shows then I challenge anyone to do so. Fair enough they take fairly accurate potshots at a lot of people, but holding up the Harry Enfield show as a paradigm of sophisticated sketch show wit is basically a load of old bollocks when viewed from any angle (does no-one remember the shitchurningly awful KEvin and PErry Go Large film? Am I the only person who hates Harry Enfield's rubbery grinning death mask of a horrible cunt face?). Also there's plenty of good comedic actors who are swiped at for trying to make money from their profession, which seems a bit cunty to be honest. But yeah, apart from that it's a pretty funny article, when it gets it right. Particularly the criticisms of channel 4, which is fast becoming my least favourite channel ... it all started going downhill when they got off making cheap softcore porn available to insomniac 13 year olds (a valuable public service) and onto the abominably shit seris of big brother offshoots and prank shows and anything that involves that po-faced blond cunt off the morning after show.

I'm probably just bitter because I can't write criticisms as acidicly or humourously as them but whatever.

Tugboat said...

I think if you were a massive comedy nerd (like they all seem to be) and had been for a good number of years, you'd see a pretty sharp decline in the amount of quality comedy around.

Where's the Harry Enfield bit though? I don't remember that. Chances are they were being double-post-ironic or something... Plus some of his stuff was good anyway.

Messy Angelo said...

Never liked Harry Enfield. Ah it was pretty good stuff, even if I didn't agree with some of what they were saying, I kinda snapped out of it and realised I shouldn't be in so protective of people who haven't the slightest thing to do with me. Sorry, went a bit weird there.