Sunday, December 17, 2006

Beta Blockers

Excuse the slight dishevelment around here at the minute. We've moved to this new-fangled Beta Blogger thing which will apparently make our lives (as bloggers) even easier. And look! Labels! Wowee. Anyway, the logo (or a new one?) will be back soon and Diarmaid has designs on redecoration.

You might remember Dano recently posted SCSI-9's incredibly good "Senorita Tristeza" recently. I got my hands on its parent long-player, The Line of Nine this week. Released in May this year, the album builds on a string of really rather good releases for Kompakt, Trapez and others, plowing a nicely understated techy, minimal furrow coupled with some frequently beeee-autiful hooks (see "Mini" and "When She Said Goodbye" if you want your heart broken in the loveliest way possible).

Bumpy bass and lush pads. From Russia with love.

SCSI-9 - Elegia

If you're looking for more of these Russian wizards' material, they have an MP3 EP out for free on the Fragment netlabel, Ich Kann Nicht Anders which I can also thoroughly recommend. More dubby and experimental, but still with a meticulously crafted, warm sound.

Oh, plus - anybody see Oliver Stone make an absolute twat out of himself at the British Comedy Awards? Now you can, over and over and over!


magooo said...

too soon?

Messy Angelo said...

That was funny. Have a sense of humour you prostitute loving po face Tuggers.

KickAcid said...

send me a beta blogger invite, you twat, ive been locked out.

Tugboat said...

You have to just make a google account and log in with that as far as I know. Oh plus, go to instead of

KickAcid said...

nope, i got a google account.
now i need an invite again
sort me out, i got a video to pot.

robvanhalen said...

mee tooo youu cuntsss

KickAcid said...

good man,
im back on, now sort out the shindigrecords blog.