Friday, December 29, 2006

Another slant on the original meaning of the word Dosh, as used in slang for money, could be the original symbols for pre-decimalised English coins...

I had a very very slow year for music, only recently having got back my internet capabilities, but of the few things I have gotten, one artist blew my cotton socks off. I'm speaking of a man from that most vegan and nervously nerdish of collectives, Anticon, and the man is Dosh. This year's album, The Lost Takes, is probably the warmest and most human release to come off the difficult label in some time. It's a sonic journey through beat-laden landscapes, surrounded by cascades of keys and flourishes of found sounds. Florid enough description yet? Short version - It's good. Very good. And interesting too.

For the folks who like to judge their music by comparison, it recalls perhaps a collision between Max Tundra and Four Tet, then Manitoba/Caribou comes along to tend to the wounded. Anyway, enjoy the two tracks:

One Through Seven - Dosh

Um, Circles and Squares - Dosh

Get the album, you won't be disappointed. Well, maybe you will be, I have placed him in lofty company with comparisons to some great artists, but if you go and listen without any prejudice you should be pleasantly surprised at the sexiness of this one man noise avalanche.

But yeah, check out more Dosh related stuff at his myspace page, and keep an eye out here, could be sexy when it gets up and running.

EDIT: Thanks to tuggers for getting the link to that live clip of Call the Kettle Back, it's pure bangworthy.


Tugboat said...

Oh it's so good innit? He's fuckin lethal...

Plus, for those who haven'y seen it, cheque out this video:

[Hahaha! Word verification: oo a cok]

Aidan, mostly said...

This is pretty tidy stuff alright.