Friday, December 15, 2006

All my lazy teenage boasts ....

Yeah, I do have an unhealthy obsession (clocking in at about 6 months now) with that tune, but who cares? It's a gorgeous tune.

So also, rob's flurry of posting of videos was A - class and B - a mnemonic for this video that I saw of the Presets, The Girl and the Sea, which I found to be dead sexy and the tune catchy, even though I'm not a massive Presets fan.

Here also are the tunes themselves ...

King of Rock and Roll - Prefab Sprout

The Girl and the Sea - The Presets

Enjoy, and with a little luck and a lot of drink I'll see many of you sexy contributors in the next few days.


KickAcid said...

im not holding up well to the booze lately,
this is my second night going home early.
free wine today.
im really fucked up, shitting and vomitting.
nice stuff.
im the king of rock and roll.
To letterkenny and christmas partying.
oh yeah, i did pretty well at the exhibition, made a bit o money.
jesus h christ.

robvanhalen said...

well fucking done mate. so far ive never made a cent from any of my work! i think!
shitting and vomiting at the same time is a special. special thing indeed.
aye heres to christmas partying!

robvanhalen said...

completely agree about the presets tune. their faces really annoy me. such a nice video, used to be a firm favorite on 120minutes.