Friday, December 29, 2006

Another slant on the original meaning of the word Dosh, as used in slang for money, could be the original symbols for pre-decimalised English coins...

I had a very very slow year for music, only recently having got back my internet capabilities, but of the few things I have gotten, one artist blew my cotton socks off. I'm speaking of a man from that most vegan and nervously nerdish of collectives, Anticon, and the man is Dosh. This year's album, The Lost Takes, is probably the warmest and most human release to come off the difficult label in some time. It's a sonic journey through beat-laden landscapes, surrounded by cascades of keys and flourishes of found sounds. Florid enough description yet? Short version - It's good. Very good. And interesting too.

For the folks who like to judge their music by comparison, it recalls perhaps a collision between Max Tundra and Four Tet, then Manitoba/Caribou comes along to tend to the wounded. Anyway, enjoy the two tracks:

One Through Seven - Dosh

Um, Circles and Squares - Dosh

Get the album, you won't be disappointed. Well, maybe you will be, I have placed him in lofty company with comparisons to some great artists, but if you go and listen without any prejudice you should be pleasantly surprised at the sexiness of this one man noise avalanche.

But yeah, check out more Dosh related stuff at his myspace page, and keep an eye out here, could be sexy when it gets up and running.

EDIT: Thanks to tuggers for getting the link to that live clip of Call the Kettle Back, it's pure bangworthy.

Monday, December 25, 2006

New Blog Alert

Electronic Video Games, Etc.

Merry Christmas...

...from all here at Thoughts, Etcetera.

Also sadly, R.I.P Mr. Dynamite.

JAMES BROWN - Santa Claus Go Straight to the Ghetto

Friday, December 22, 2006

"Watch your bassbins for this, im tellin ya"

I love this stuff.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Internet Addiction Disorder

Between playing Stick Cricket, browsing the Achewood archives, enjoying the Cook's & Bomb'd Comedy Tumbleweed Awards 2006 (warning: they will probably slate a lot of shows you might like, but are pretty much always spot on with their criticism), wasting my time on Bebo, clicking all over Wikipedia and doing a tiny amount of amateurish programming in Max, I've found some really good music on the Internet today/yesterday.

1. Presumably you've already seen it, but Pitchfork have a load of MP3s up as part of their 100 Top Tracks of the year list. Saunter over and let your computer chips do the work. They also have their Top 50 Albums out today (yesterday by the time you read this probably).

Brian & Baxter: Kinnego Flux

2. Filaria, aka David Baxter, aka one half of Kinnego Flux along with Brian Greene (aka two people who do the same course as I do only apparently apply themselves a lot more to actual music-making) has an EP out for the past while on Bugklinik. It's too late at night, so the blurb explains better than me: ...dub, IDM and jungle get mixed into an unique blend, delivered on a fresh 12". Cheque it out: generous 2-minute previews here (including a remix of "No Limit"! A wee bit genius methinks). Kinnego Flux are playing in Smellfast this Friday if anyone happens to be around - don't think I will be unfortunately.

3. Fanny Magnate, my new favourite blog with a funny name, has a 15-minute podcast well worth having a listen at: ...balkan brass, balinese gamelan and minimal techno all interspliced with snippets of local radio science. What could be better?

4. OK, well this is a little strange, but just about an hour ago I went to visit the really excellent ohmygoshparty to find a host of fucking lethal tunes and between now and then they've apparently thrown in the towel. It's hard to keep up with this fast-moving internet business.

EDIT: I did have a tune up here, but I think I know why they quit now.

5. Finally, current favourite scotsman Alex Smoke has made a fine fine remix of Steve Reich's "Proverb" for this set of remixes. A minimal techno reworking of the minimal classical godfather. Nab it at 2 Many Scenes.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Beta Blockers

Excuse the slight dishevelment around here at the minute. We've moved to this new-fangled Beta Blogger thing which will apparently make our lives (as bloggers) even easier. And look! Labels! Wowee. Anyway, the logo (or a new one?) will be back soon and Diarmaid has designs on redecoration.

You might remember Dano recently posted SCSI-9's incredibly good "Senorita Tristeza" recently. I got my hands on its parent long-player, The Line of Nine this week. Released in May this year, the album builds on a string of really rather good releases for Kompakt, Trapez and others, plowing a nicely understated techy, minimal furrow coupled with some frequently beeee-autiful hooks (see "Mini" and "When She Said Goodbye" if you want your heart broken in the loveliest way possible).

Bumpy bass and lush pads. From Russia with love.

SCSI-9 - Elegia

If you're looking for more of these Russian wizards' material, they have an MP3 EP out for free on the Fragment netlabel, Ich Kann Nicht Anders which I can also thoroughly recommend. More dubby and experimental, but still with a meticulously crafted, warm sound.

Oh, plus - anybody see Oliver Stone make an absolute twat out of himself at the British Comedy Awards? Now you can, over and over and over!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Rogue Wave

Until I get my own laptop and internet access back, most of my posts are going to be just like this one here: unfocused, not at all in touch with current music and generally poorly thought out. Anyway, what I wanted to show all y'all was a track by Rogue Wave, a band I heard a big buzz about at the start of this year but only really got around to checking them out now. As near as I can call it they sound similar to some of the more chilled out and poppy Sebadoh stuff, also a bit like Built to Spill too (I hear touches of Neutral Milk Hotel and the Apples in Stereo too, really this is just an excuse to be a hipster fag and then go even more hipster faggy by making fun of the fact that I'm a hipster fag and then again become more self consciously self effacing in an endless spiral). Anyway, if either of those bands tickles your fancy, you'd probably like Rogue Wave, even if not why not give them a chance anyway? Go on, here's two tracks to get you rolling...

Nourishment Nation - Rogue Wave
Endless Shovel - Rogue Wave

Case in point, I didn't even get the tracks off their latest album (Descended Like Vultures) but anyway, the first album (Out of the Shadow) is very much worth checking out anyway. Their website is pretty nifty too, plenty of audio and a neatly presented gallery.

The greatest rap song ever.


Friday, December 15, 2006

All my lazy teenage boasts ....

Yeah, I do have an unhealthy obsession (clocking in at about 6 months now) with that tune, but who cares? It's a gorgeous tune.

So also, rob's flurry of posting of videos was A - class and B - a mnemonic for this video that I saw of the Presets, The Girl and the Sea, which I found to be dead sexy and the tune catchy, even though I'm not a massive Presets fan.

Here also are the tunes themselves ...

King of Rock and Roll - Prefab Sprout

The Girl and the Sea - The Presets

Enjoy, and with a little luck and a lot of drink I'll see many of you sexy contributors in the next few days.

meandering nostalgia rant

i just had a wierd flash back, to when i was fifteen or sixteen and i first met daithi (i doubt he remembers this) it was in universal records, i was spending my first ever pay cheque on some fine ass punk rock, he said something about the dwarves! anyway tenious link i bought the entire vinyl back catologue of this band around that time. lcd soundsystem do a cover of their song yeah! i recently gave away the whole back catalogue to some dude with dreadlocks. i really wish i hadnt done that, not that i would ever listen to this depressing shit ever again, but its probably worth a bit of money to some japanese fruit or something. late night rant over!
for fuck sake can we get pissed soon ive never posted so much. i am BORED!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Beirut - Mount Wroclai (in San Francisco)

this is just such a great tune. for all you boys out there with girlfriends go wack this tune (you can download it from their webshite) on a mix cd and give it to them for christmas. mabey some angle might get brown wings instead of just plain old factory wings this christmas.

Beirut - Mount Wroclai (in San Francisco)

this is just such a great tune. for all you boys out there with girlfriends go wack this tune (you can download it from their webshite) on a mix cd and give it to them for christmas. mabey some angle might get brown wings instead of just plain old factory wings this christmas.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Mosquito Holding Human Cattle Prod

dissertation isnt going too well! thought id mix it up a little!

Rex The Dog - Prototype

i really love this fucking song, ive been waiting ages for someone to post it up on youtube. rex the dog is supposed to be some big shot producer from london in disguise, putting stuff out on kompakt. so far ive loved it all except the knife tune (heartbeats) he remixed, but what the fuck, who cares, remixing stuff is generally for peados anyway. the video is really cool too. youse should all check out his website, its funny and different. google it or something, i dont know how to link stuff, for fuck sakes. anyway im off to lie to myself about my dissertation.

Swans documentary, Czech Republic 1997

this band were pretty cool, based around michael gira and his bitch (i think) jarboe, they made some of the most interesting and darkest music of the last twenty years. their contempories such as killdozer, big black and sonic youth made similar din but none made a bigger impact on todays bands (mostly the darker ones, such as isis, converge, today is the day and even mogwai) as gira and his band. when swans broke up gira formed Angels of Light, again a very influential band, devendra banhart started off touring as part of this band i think. a lot less agressive than swans but just as moving. when jacob bannon (converge) was asked about what he thought of emo music he said if he wanted to listen to something emotional or moving he would listen to angels of light. there!

Monday, December 11, 2006


Edit:have this insted.
Autechre-Vos in

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Slap me in the face

...and tell me to DO SOME FUCKING WORK.

Just a quick recommendation: The Ill-ec-tro-nic have posted up Audion's remix of Hot Chip's "No Fit State". I was already excited enough just by those two great names, but hearing it brought back a flood of memories, because this was that tune - the highlight of Magda's set in the Stiff Kitten a while back. It's got that typical Audion squelchiness, an insistent groove, and then this cheeky rising and descending synth line kicks in, with the odd stab here and there. Not a lot happens, but it happens to perfection. On the dancefloor, this does serious damage.

Veruca Salt in Pavement Replacement Shockfest!

Hey folks, haven't been keeping as up to speed with my interneting or even my musical purchases, but I had a flurry of a few purchases just there and a band close to my heart came up: Pavement and the Wowee Zowee 10th Anniversary Reissue. I figured it's as good a time as any to start contributing to the very sexy and entertaining sexy entertainment reviews and stuff that are going on here at thoughts etcetera.

Wowee Zowee has always been something of a bogie album for Pavement, receiving lukewarm responses from many fans and critics as an album where the lacksadaisical attitude of Pavement became more offputting than charming. The poor initial response to the album is a fact which seems to be acknowledged by the band itself, given the half-hearted liner notes by Stephen Malkmus and the no-hearted liner notes by the absent Scott Kannsberg, but many fans now consider this to be one of the most essential recordings Pavement have ever made.

In and of itself it is worth having as a study of a band who may have lost their way trying to find their voice for a third time. To some however, where before the songs sounded wild and seemed to be heading to exciting new territory, the songs on WZ seem listless and wandering in no particular direction. Ultimately, though frustrating, it is an album with several songs which should be part of the collection of any fan of indie guitar music, two of which are the anthemic Father to a Sister of Thought and my personal faourite song of any Pavement release, Grounded.

As for what the reissue brings to the table, the artwork and liner notes feel thrown together, and not in the traditionally sloppy but brilliant Pavement fashion. It does do the average Pavement fan the courtesy of adding several rarities such as I Love Perth and Mussle Rock, but in comparison to the reissues of Crooked Rain and Slanted and enchanted this seems like a poor effort. There are three versions of Easily Fooled for instance, none of which is as well recorded as the version included on the Crooked Rain reissue (called the Sutcliffe Catering Song) and the second album only has four songs worth adding to your collection in Sensitive Euro Man, Stray Fire, No More Kings and Painted Soldiers. To a non fan I would suggest the far superior Slanted and Enchanted or Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain reissues. They are a better starting point to explore Pavement's slack majesty, given that they give a clearer picture of the where the band was at the time of each album, as well as having a far better selection of tunes. One to consider getting but maybe wait til you don't really have anything else to spend your cash on...

DISCLAIMER:This album was bought under a cloud of multiple bad associations (the first time I listened to it was on the bus home to my grandfather's funeral was one thing) so if you believe in the power of association in forming your opinions on the music you listen to, bear in mind that my review was coloured fairly negatively.

To share one last little bit, here's two songs which explain why Pavement worked so well as a band. The first, Mussle Rock (is a Horse in Transition) can be described as the typical Spiral Stairs song, gorgeous hook, sloppy guitar, frail voice crooning wounded lyrics but catchy as hell. The second can be described as the typical Stephen Malkmus tune, crossword clue lyrics, psychedelic pop guitar and an unabashedly intellectual slant (that's right Declan, I'm going all pitchfork on this review). Put them together and you get the reason for tunes as brilliant as Shadey Lane and Grounded.

Mussle Rock (is a Horse in Transition) - Pavement
Give It A Day - Pavement

POST SCRIPT: I really do love the original album and the reissue adds in some great tunes, so get your hands on it if you can. Even if only because it'd be a lot cheaper than trying to hunt down all the b-sides and BBC sessions.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Monday, December 04, 2006

Things Just Got Messy

Big welcome to Diarmaid, who I've just realised is our newest team member; this is turning into quite the army, we should conquer something. Anyway here's a song that ties AIH (and their pretty hot remix album) into my Hot Chip obsession:

Architecture In Helsinki - Do The Whirlwind (Hot Chip Remix)